How and why bags become desirable

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  1. A short piece in today's Times that is ostensibly about Chanel, but is much broader than that How to get dressed: the Chanel bag - Fashion - Times Online

    It made me wonder why we go crazy for one bag at a particular time? It also made me think for the first time about the role of PR in getting bags 'out there'.

    Thoughts, oh most thinking bag loving population?!
  2. Interesting article. :yes:

    I think celebrity endorsement is definitely a major cause of bags becoming 'it' bags. Whether it can, accurately, be called 'endorsement', when the bag is sent as an unrequested gift to the celeb, or their stylist, is another matter! :lol:

    Because I'm not interested in celebrities (except on a human level - when they have some sort of problem), I rarely find myself falling for 'it' bags.

    I also think that the 'it' bags are often not the most attractive bags available at any one time. This is probably why many of them have to be pushed onto the unsuspecting buying public, via the medium of celebrity bribery! ;)

    I also agree that bags that are touted as classics, are very rarely always in fashion and therefore, cannot, accurately, be described as true classics. There are certainly items that, because of the flexibility of their design, are, with small tweaks, more often in fashion than others and there are other items that, repeatedly, come back into fashion every 20 years. Whether that qualifies them as classics, or simply re-emerging trends, is debatable, IMO.

    I, personally, remember when Chanel faux pearls and boucle jackets were considered to be very stuffy and unfashionable and were only worn by a very few older women, for a good few years. :yes:
  3. @ Chloehandbags:

    Wasn't that the same thing with Burberry? In terms of only an older crowd wearing them and then it kinda spread downward into a younger set?

  4. I"m also not an IT bag person. Celebrities and PR campaigns serve their purpose for me - to bring certain bags to my attention and keep me updated on looks and trends - but other than that, I only go for designs and styles that serve my needs and purposes. To that end, I'm a "classics" person, my bags have to be timeless, last a lifetime, and boast of excellent workmanship :smile:
  5. oh, i love bags.... ever since i was a kid...
    i think the reason i love them is because i always carry a lot of things, i need things to make me feel secure. i don't carry make up or things like that, bust usually my organizer, cell phones, pda, cigarettes (i have this thing about cigs, i always need at least 2 pack of cigs with me or i'll get nervous), and my swiss army, ipod, sweets, extra cardigans... so i always need a bag.

    i don't really care about the celebrity endorsement thing, i won't buy a bag just because a certain celebrity wear them. but i admit that celebrity endorsements HELPS me to see lot of nice bags i can choose from.
  6. Intresting, but it kinda reminds me of the I am too cool, to have a popular bag...or if everyone has it, I don't want it...why not just have a bag you like, no matter what anyone thinks.
  7. I think Celebrities and models bring bags and fashion to our notice. I do not think we buy "It" bags because so and so has one, we see it fall in love with the leather, design and then buy it
  8. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing

  9. Yes! :yes:

    Good example. :biggrin:

    Although, I'm not sure that it exactly spread downward to younger people, more that the younger people discovered Burberry, before the last of the older people had stopped wearing it! :lol:

  10. I would never not buy a bag that I loved, just because it was popular.

    I just wouldn't buy a bag I was neutral about, just because it was touted as the new 'it' bag, or carried by a celeb.

    I just don't happen to find many of the 'it' bags very attractive, for some reason. :shrugs:

  11. I think some people do. :yes: Otherwise, why would they bother giving them to celebs?

    If it was just a case of bringing them to our attention, wouldn't they just advertise them and send them in to magazines for them to do features on? :shrugs:
  12. I agree. If not for celebrities constantly being photographed with fabulous bags, I probably wouldn't know what the newest and hippest "it" bag are. To me, it is different actually seeing the bag on someone in an everyday setting versus a runway or still picture in a fashion magazine.
  13. ^ Good point. :yes:

    Maybe it isn't just because they're celebs?

    Maybe they could, equally well, send the bags to ordinary people, at random, in exchange for taking pics of these people out and about with them? :idea:
  14. Trouble with that idea is one photo of me with super stylish bag in super unstylish 'I'm late for work, and I'm hassled having dropped off the kids, missed breakfast and not found a parking space' mode would ruin any bag designer's reputation for ever!:rolleyes:
  15. ^ LOL! :lol:

    Have you seen some of the celeb pics, though - sweat pants, uncombed hair and no make-up?!! :biggrin: