How and where do I tie my mirror?

  1. How and where does the mirror attach to the bag when you receive it? I got mine 2nd hand and mine is attached to the interior zipper pocket. Can someone show me a pic of how it should be? Thanks much!
  2. Honestely, I keep mine safe it my dustbag. I just dont want it to get broken.
  3. Kimmie where is attached when you get the bag though? I want to use mine :smile:
  4. Mine bag came with the mirror attached to one of the handles of the bag on one of the metal rings. It kept getting in the way of closing the bag all the way so I took it off.

    Hope this helps!
  5. I took it off the handle of my Twiggy and tied it to the inside pocket.
  6. Yeah, mine was tied to one of the rings on the back handle on my bag when I got it. Can't remember how it was tied though - I've even tried to put mine back on, but couldn't figure it out, so I left it! It lives in my bottom drawer with the spare tassels.
  7. I took out the tassel and just have the mirror in the front pocket of the bag.. i also slip in my business cards at the slot in the back of the mirror :smile:
  8. I tied it to the handles on the front.
  9. ditto. makes it lighter too.