How and when did your Mulberry obsession start?

  1. Well my DH stupidly left me to wander around house of fraser in London back in November last year. I've always had a thing for bags but wasn't into designer bags but i headed straight to the bag section and was looking at some of the radley bags then ended up in the Mulberry section. Can't remember now if it was an oak annie or phoebe I looked at, but at that point I fell in love with the darwin leather but almost fainted when i saw the price tag!!! left the shop thinking that I would never spend that sort of money on a bag (previously my most expensive bag was £80)
    In my effort to obtain a Mulberry at a more reasonable price point I ended up with a lousy fake Elgin off e-bay. I was so disappointed! Then started looking at and fell in love with the Annie although still thinking waaaaaay too expensive. My Dh obviously noticed me obsessing over the bag and as a complete surprise got me my oak Annie for xmas- bless him!
    That's how it started for me, what about you????:graucho:
  2. Mine started in John Lewis. I'd always loved bags but, like you, done Radley and non designer. Then I spotted a Helier bag in congo leather. It was £175 which was an absolute fortune to me then (12 yrs ago).
    I did some investigating and found out about the factory shop. Hotfooted it there and got the same bag for £125.
    I've never looked back and still love a trip to Shepton Mallet (as you all know!) There's something about walking in and all those bags being laid out in front of me, all those possibilities and at bargain prices. Heaven.
    I've flirted with LV, Chloe, Prada & Miu Miu but Mulberry is my real love.
  3. Being stateside, one rarely get the opporunity to see Mulberrys IRL and I have admired the bags as shown on this Forum. Back in summer, I saw some Roxannes (I think) at Saks and just oogled over the leather, but after picking them up - felt that they were way too heavy for me. BUT, I was still enamoured with the leather and the overall quality and craftsmanship. And I have always admired the style of the Bayswater, but also thought that it would be too heavy for me as well.

    Alas - I repeat this story (sorry folks), but a new Bloomingdales opened right up the street and voila, there was a giraffe patterned Bayswater just sitting their, looking so regal and I picked her up and much to my delight, she was lighter than I expected! According to the SA - there were some Bayswaters that were not in the Darwin leather and thus would be lighter! What a delight to hear because I was leaving for London in several weeks and knew that I would have to see some Mulberry's in person! I picked up the patent purple Mabel they had as well - and wished that the Bayswater was offered in purple leather, but knew this was not the case since they didn't feature it on their website.

    To make a long story short - I ventured into Liberty and there she was...on the top shelf - a Bayswater in a deep, rich purple - and not in Darwin. A soft, tumbled leather that was not heavy. This was IT - my dream Mulberry! I oogled and awed, put my "stuff" into the bag and trotted around Liberty feeling pretty good - BUT - I have this "policy" that I do not pay full retail for a bag - ANY bag. What to do? So....I take my stuff out of the bag, put it down, and then go out to "think about it" over a civilized lunch. I'm literally fighting with myself, trying to justify paying "this much money" over a hand bag. Yes, VAT/Duty would be removed, and from your posts, I know that they rarely go on sale and I would never be able to purchase on at an outlet store in the UK, etc.......

    So - after consuming a lovely lunch, I went into my purse to reapply my lipstick and I cannot find my mirror......hmmm, did I leave it in the hotel room? That would be very unusual for me to do - but hey - I'm getting older and a bit more forgetful. So - off I go....back to Liberty, to buy that beauty! Thank goodness it was still there. I had to take her for one last spin.....just to be sure.....AND to make sure that she could fit over my shoulder with a bulky jacket....and of course I had to take the contents out of my bag - again - to put into the Baywater and to my delight (in the zippered compartment) is my compact mirror and altoids!!!!! What a hoot!. Thus, I took it as a sign from the "bag-gods" that this hand bag had to make the transatlantic journey back to DC with ME!
    How's that for a long story?

    Now....just my two cents.....this bag is worth every penny - FULL price. The leather and craftsmanship are so superior to other HIGHER END DESIGNER BAGS that ask for so much more money - but IMO are truly not worth it. Believe me, I've looked at and felt plenty of Fendi/Gucci/Chanel/Balenciaga/LV/Prada/Chloe - and they are not worth their full retail price! I'm truly a Mulberry fan.

    And thanks ladies.....for all of your information/input prior to my purchase. I read everything, but never posted!!!
  4. Last October when I got my chocolate Elgin from Net-a-Porter. I couldn't believe the quality - so thick and luscious... and that smell :drool:. It made me feel so good every time I carried it. And I loved the fact it was so subtle - no screaming logos.

    I got it for 50% off so it was a really good deal - until that point, I'd thought that Mulberry bags were out of my price range. I then spotted the Joni and started saving up for that so I could pounce when it got to 50% off after Christmas.

    I had a couple of Tods bags (one of which I sold to pay for the Araline) and a couple of Marc Jacobs bags which I still like but don't use very much.

    I remember that, a couple of years ago, I used to totally obsess over the Dior logo print canvas saddle - I would *never* carry something like that now. It's understated all the way for me :yes:
  5. Mine started with Andy getting me one as a suprise,had never really heard of them before that,was more into Radley and knew their name(only ever had a purse by them tho!) And I think my most expensive bag before the Mulberry was a £90 one from Jones The Bootmakers,even with the Blenhiem I was still a bit unaware.Then it happened............... was walking through Selfridges with the Blenheim on,saw the Roxanne,more roomy etc,just lost my heart over the design in a bigger size,looked around at all the others on the Mulberry concession and that was it,everything else paled beside them for me. I got the white YSL satchel in the late summer,as I could'nt find a pale Mulberry,then got the Elgin as it was the palest I could find in Mulberry at that point. God I wish I'd known about this site then!!!Outlets!! I did try and find a site to ask wether I should get the Chloe' paddy in sand,or the Elgin,I went for the Elgin by myself in the end,as I could'nt find a good site that had any Mulberry devoted bits.And then the YSL one popped up for the before reason,and now I'm here and I don't think I'll dally with another brand now really.I think choosing the Elgin over the paddy says it all about me really!!!

    And you know what,if the YSL was'nt £508 reduced from £980,I don't think it would be with me nice tho,hehe!
  6. Really wanted a Bayswater...the perfect size,look,etc,etc,etc.Couln't decide which colour until I started reading the posts here especially the colour popularity post. Was going to pick black but oak was more popular so picked it SOOOOO Happy with this bag. Now unfortunately one mulberry is never enough and am trying to decide whether I should get an emmy,annie phoebe or elgin.Now am totally obsessed!!!
  7. I thinks you've hit the nail on the head aine1313, one Mulberry is NEVER enough!!!!
  8. My Mulberry obsession started with me falling in love with the "Ayler" bag last summer... I oggled it many, many times in the Mulberry online store, but it was a way too hefty pricetag for me :sad:
    Lo and behold, one day it was actually on sale and at almost half the original price it was now within my pricerange. That was it and I had to get it right there!
    I have just now bought my fourth Mulberry bag, a Roxanne in Ochre and so the obsession continues... It is absolutely true that one Mulberry is never enough!

  9. Hahaha! Once that Mulberry yearning kicks in it clamps on with all the tenacity of a pit bull!!!
  10. dcblam, I love your story!
    How lovely to get your first Mulberry in Liberty as well, their handbag dept is just so gorgeous. It's like a wonderland, I could spend hours in there....
  11. My obsession began five years ago when my now ex husband purchased a black congo evening bag for me on a visit to Edinburgh. It cost £150 which to us was a fortune. Then last year I noticed the Khaki Utah flirting with me in John Lewis, it cost £250 and I was bought it as a present by my parents. Finally I began obsessing about the bayswater a few months back but knew I wanted an unusual colour so was overjoyed when I saw the Radish Glove Baywater at Bicester, just have to wait until Xmas. I have my eye on a Roxanne in black but think it may prove to be a little large.
  12. Mine started years and years ago at probably the same time as many others' did.. when Mulberry revived their brand by bringing out the Roxanne. There was an ad of a model on a castaway beach with the Roxanne.. it captivated me, and I fell in love with the bag then and there. I've been searching everywhere to find that ad but haven't yet, does anybody else remember it?

    Now, a good few years later, I finally have a Roxanne of my own - it arrived yesterday! - but my Mulberry obsession is here to stay. My first was the Euston, my second the Ayesha in tan mix Rio. :tup:
  13. We were at Andys parents yesterday,when his Dad got me to one side and said 'Sarah loves your handbag,she's been admiring it for ages (Elgin) while she's been making lunch,who's it by and where did you get it,as she loves it so much,and I think its paticularly nice myself,we could all put in to get her one for her birthday next year' I went on to describe the Bayswater to an 'oh,now that sounds perfect,get me some details' Another Mulberry obsession is coming to life!!!
  14. sarajane -
    oohh, am so happy that you enjoyed my Mulberry adventure....AND yes, to think that I got it at Liberty - such an elegant but lively place. I spent hours, yes, about three hours there just looking at everything (but most of my time was in the handbag dept!).

    chaz -
    now you've got the rest of your family "drinking the cool-aid" (if by chance you're not familiar w/this expression - let me know.....I'll "esplain"). Giggles!

  15. Yes,I have to admit I'm completely lost on that one,but bloody curious!!!