How and when did your love affair with Louis Vuitton started?

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  1. Mine started this year...
    I've always liked LV but didn't really care much for it, because of too many fakes :yucky:
    and most of the real one's I know are from my friends moms or from much older friends.:Push:
    ...'till early this year I had lunch with a friend and her mom,
    Her mom had a very old Mono Alma with very dark but clean and even patina...
    I just couldn't take my eyes of her...
    she was just the most elegant and beautifull LV purse I have ever seen!:drool:
    Since then I couldn't stop thinking about Louis Vuitton...:girlsigh:
    I knew I had to have one...
    My DH surprised me with one on my birthday last June...:yahoo:
    I dont know if this love affair with LV would end or not...:rolleyes:
    But I'm glad I have my LV babies!!!:love:
  2. I've always liked Louis Vuitton, but my first i bought in 2003. And really addicted I'm till this year. I can't tell how it started, i like just the bags and accessoires LV make and so this love started:heart:
  3. Always loved them but I never really had the funds to get one.. until my family bought me my speedy for my birthday this year :yahoo:And I just purchased my second LV and am already planning a 3rd, 4th, and 5th!
  4. I got a LV backpack in 1998, and used it when I did overseas travel - never really had an interest in further purchases or handbags.

    I'd say around 2001, I was so impressed on how this piece held up, and then I started becoming more interested, that's when I got my Damier Alma, and etc. etc.

    These pieces are amazingly durable. I am doing a freelance project right now at JFK's International terminal - I'm seeing lots and lots of travel LV bags, both old and new, monocanvas and all, carried by the young and old, first class and economy- Just goes to show you how durable these bags are and the roots LV has in travel bags.
  5. hmm... i think it started when i was only 16. my dad brought me there to get a birthday present for my mom. & he asked if i wanted anything. i was in high school so i chose the monogram messenger & a belt. then the rest was history. i kept on buying & buying etc..... lol:yahoo:
  6. I think once you get a taste of one, you just cant stop!!!:graucho:
  7. I used to hate anything Louis Vuitton; I always thought it was overrated. The only bag that I loved was the cherry blossom pochette, and I really wanted to get it in 2003, but being a high school sophomore without a job, I had only...$289 in my bank account, lol.
    When my guy friend bought his wapity back in March 2006, I went with him and we started looking at LV together online. At first I only had my eyes on the jewelry, but it was too expensive so I stopped looking. Then after I turned 18 and got a credit card, eBay account, and a good-paying part time job that I've had for two years, I started looking for the cherry blossom pochette and bought one off eBay. After that, I thought I'd stop but I started looking at the monogram stuff too. After buying my CB pochette, I was hooked.
  8. I've always really liked them, but didn't really take the plunge until I found tPF. It's as addicting as LV itself! Now I just find myself buying more and more and being in total love with my bags and accessories! :love:
  9. Since I was a little girl watching "old" movies with my mom. The glamorous ladies in the 30s & 40s films always seemed to have LV trunks & steamers. In my all time favorite film "Midnight" Claudette Colbert is gifted with a new wardrobe delivered in an LV trunk, I never stood a chance of resisting LV after seeing that.
  10. I always thought LV was the height of cheesiness...until I came here! I blame all of you! :P

    I started lurking on the LV forum in April, and was fascinated by all the different shapes and sizes. I absorbed as much info as I could, got brave enough to post in May, and learned some history. It's been downhill from there:
    June - my first LV Speedy baby came along....
    July - my second keeper, another Speedy...
    August - an accessory...
    September - two small accessories adopted...
    October - a beautiful Manhattan babylove :heart::heart: came to me...
    Today - my new baby :love: was just delivered today, and is waiting for me at home!

    I need to be done until the spring now, but I feel so fortunate that I've been able to do this. It's been a fun ride, and I have lots of LV babies to love in the meantime.
  11. That's kind of hard for me to say because I got my first LV (a wallet) after going through the entire mall and not finding anything I liked. I went into LV for the heck of it, and they had THE perfect wallet. It was $175 in 1990, and I gagged at the price. When I saw over the months that it didn't show any wear, and I ended up selling the line, I was kind of hooked. I don't want anything and everything LV, but I would like a couple of more purses. BTW, the wallet still looks great after 16 years.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! your growing family is lovely!

    I adopted my first speedy 25 last week...:love:
    and another adopted BH today! :yahoo:
    I expect her to be home by next week!:wlae:
  13. I fell in love with LV in..junior year of high school after seeing my friend receive a monogram pochette for christmas. That's when I bought my first Monogram Pochette (later sold to so I could get the Cerises Pochette). Unfortunately, my LV collection has not expanded since. The only other thing I have is the Ludlow Vernis wallet in white. BUT.. I must get something from the Damier Azur collection! I've been thinking about it non-stop!
  14. Never liked LV at all thought it was old school...was totally a Gucci slut...then I found this site...not sure how I cannot remember...brain handbag fog...happens when you addicted to handbags anyhow...end up on this site and was so loyal to gucci but, found the thread to be soooo boring yawn..navigated the site and ended up at the LV thread and have never left..after reading many posts from passionate LV lovers I took the plunge and bought the speedy 30...the passion from the people on this thread struck a chord in my speedy and it was lust/love at first everyone is eyeing her but, she is mine all I am an LV slut and cannot go to any other thread LV is my life...yes I know I am twisted and obessed and loving/lusting after LV...LV and I are tight now and there is no other brand for me...I have seen the LV light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ^^^^:roflmfao: