How and when did your CL obsession start?

  1. Mods, sorry if there is already a thread on this subject. I tried searching the archives but didn't find one. I know there's a thread on "What was your first pair?" but I think this one tackles another issue altogether!

    I know we all talk about our love of CLs- but how and when did you get started on them?

    I'll go first- I bought my first pair 6 months ago, and since then my collection has grown to 7! I decided to take the plunge because of this forum! I loved so many of the shoes you ladies posted, and had to see what the fuss was about. I know a lot of you are probably long time collectors, so let's hear the stories!
  2. I have to admit that my obsession was sparked by the Bruges fever with all the celebs wearing his black patent cork platform shoes.

    That's when I fell in love, but the madness didn't really hit obsession until I found my leopard ponyhair helmuts (collector's shoes, IMHO) and got the black suede VPs.

    Now it's really bad ... but it feels so good!!!

  3. My obsession started when I found this forum! All the pictures, the passion, the madness of it all. I'd seen CLs on celebrities, but seeing them on regular women was another story. That, combined with trying on my first pair (black patent Pigalle120)... I was hooked.:love:
  4. mine started when i saw kirsten dunst wearing her helmuts everywhere and decided that i wanted a pair too. i researched louboutin and saw other styles i liked and it just grew from there, i guess. i love shoes !!
  5. I had seen a couple on fashionmagazines but not having easy acess to a CL shop (have to wait to go to Paris to be able to do so) as well as the price kept me from taking the plunge, then one day I saw a pretty pair of sandles on fleabay and since the price was nice I binned. I loved them but then this subforum was created and it starting feeding the "beast"...... I think I bought too much in the beginning , certainly pretty shoes but maybe a bid too tight or just not really "me" or matching my wardrobe . I am now in the process of skimming and figuring out what works best for me.

    I really like CL's but just don't like when I obsess over them
  6. I fell in love with the Miss Marples in 2006. I thought about buying a knock off pair, but to me it wasn't the same. I never did purchase them, but that's when I began paying attention to Louboutin designs and eventually purchasing CL shoes :love:
  7. my intro to the obsession started with the platform Isabelle espadrilles in 2005:love: i saw them on Carmen Electra and i was done in from that moment
  8. I bought my first pair of CLs about a year ago, but didn't really start getting obsessed until I found this forum! A lot of the styles I wanted were 'older' and the only place I could find them was eBay. I was always scared to buy CLs from eBay, but luckily the ladies on here are so helpful! I bought my first eBay pair from another tPFer and haven't looked back since. Sadly now I have to add my ebay CL purchases on top of my in-store CL bank account hates you guys! :lol:
  9. I bought my first pair last year, then I cooled off!
    But since January I have re-newed by interest 10 fold!
    I have purchased 4 pairs with 2 on pre-order. I'm just lucky that my Holt's has a really slim selection! Plus I'm trying to be practical, I'm a SAHM to a 3 yr old and a new baby on the way, so I don't have a big need right now for CL's that I can't wear everyday or anything with a really high heel.
  10. Christina--the Miss Marples were one of my first pairs, and I've since sold them; they were so perfect ... I'm still kicking myself.

    My stepson saw them (me wearing them with beige plaid short shorts on our FL trip) and was like, we don't have shoes like that where I'm from (he lives in Iowa)!!! Little cutie ...

    They pop up every so often on Ebay, but I want them in camel linen just like I had ... :cry:
  11. mine started a very long time ago.. before I got my first paycheck, mind you thats a while ago. My mother has a lovely collection of roger viviers. I always dreamed of owning a collection like hers. I was always following news of that designer and came to learn about one of his apprentices in the early 90s, Louboutin. I was living in paris at the time and followed his career a little bit and loved that his styles were more edgy and of course had higher heels than most shoe designers other than vivienne westwood. I was never really able to afford his shoes until a couple of years ago after I bought my home and felt a little more settled financially in my life.
  12. ^ I bet your Miss Marples were gorgeous, legaldiva. I'm sorry you sold them :sad: Hopefully you'll find them again!
  13. My obsession started a couple years ago when i first saw the Helmut in black and in the sea blue/green color. I knew I had to have them! I reserched CL and would read about him & how he started his red sole & so on. I started to search ebay like the mad lady I am now. I didnt get my first pair until Nov. 2006. It was the Veee & I happen to grab them on sale. It was all downhill from there. I now own around 16 pairs...after my last haul I decided not to count how many I have. :yes:
    Legaldiva - I agree that the Ponyhair Helmut is a collector shoe! Im drooling just thinking about yours. I would LOVE to get my hands on them! Your beyond lucky!
  14. Sadly enough, I have no idea how I even found out about Christian Louboutin shoes. You'd think that it'd be a day that I'd celebrate right up there with birthdays and relationship anniversaries! I know the first pair I bought were the multi-color espadrilles on eBay and it's been love ever since. Those were the first pair of designer shoes I had also and since then I've expanded into Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Dolce & Gabbana, Casadei, Isabella Fiore, etc. although CL is definitely my favorite by far.
  15. Like legaldiva, I became slightly obsessed with M. Louboutin during the Bruges Craze of '05. It's all been downhill (or uphill :graucho:, depending on how you look at it) from there.