How an LV is made? handmade or mass-produced?

  1. I went to the LV site and watched the video of a monogram canvas bag being made. A guy cut out a piece of canvas, poked the holes for stitching, and sewed it together.:love:

    But I hear ppl on this board say that it's all mass produced now? :hrmm:

    Please elaborate?
  2. If I'm not mistaken, earlier each step of the process was taken care by a specif person who was the expert in that process. Like the cutting guy and the stiching guy etc. Apparently that took too much time so now everyone is trained to make the entire bag. So instead of having a team make your bag, now it will be made by one person. I think an article was posted earlier. I'll try to find it for you.
    BTW, they're still all hand made though
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    "The consultants helped Vuitton draft its Pégase plan, which the company began to roll out in factories in November 2005, these people say. The first step was to train workers to handle multiple parts of the assembly process. Gluing, stitching and finishing the edges of a pocket flap, for example, became the job of one worker, not three. To minimize wasted time, the production process for each product was divided so that each worker would need the same amount of time to complete his or her allotted tasks."

    That could explain why there are so many quality problems...
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  9. I agree with the quality issue. If they are handing off jobs to people who aren't fully qualified to do them that explains why LV complaints/defects have increased so much lately. It sucks because it seems they have sold out on the integrity of their product to increase profits.
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  11. The article actually mentions how defects have dramatically decreased.

  12. I have a friend who works at LVMH and she says that customer complaints have gone way up for 2005-2006 :shrugs: I find the news hard to believe most of the time anyway, since LV would never report that the opposite was true.
  13. ^That's not good...

    Also, I agree with your statement on the lower quality and increased profit margins...I hate to believe it, but I'm afraid you're right.
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