How Amazing are these A/W '07 bags?

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    :wtf: :wtf: :drool: :drool:

    We have more Bottega Veneta goodies here than we can poke a stick at. Ok, a stiletto heel. Yesterday we took a look at their cigar case clutches and 1950s style patent bags, but today it's time to return to true Bottega form, with the woven leather tote. It appears the luxury design house has also embraced the metallic fad with open arms, as their new totes and hobos all have a beautiful sheen to them. Take a look under the cut for some more treats, plus a couple of black leather studded items. Gasp! Are...Bottega Veneta going rock 'n roll?!
  2. very nice, i like!
  3. I love that camel ostrich bag and the cabat
  4. are the venetas made of exotic leather? i like it.....
  5. I know this is silly - but I love how they're carrying their Veneta's. Looks like of chic with a skirt.

    Humm, must try that....
  6. Gorgeous!!
  7. The sales catalog/book I saw at the trunk show had several exotics that they will be using or maybe also for special order. There must be more call for those leathers. At Bob Ellis in Charlotte yesterday they had several BV's in exotic skins, including some snakeskin. I think there was a Sloane in anaconda. Gorgeous but not for me. Besides it was white.

    ^^^OT--tweetie, pardon my ignorance, but will this be your first Birkin? Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous!

    Inquire at your BV boutiques because the trunk shows are going on now!!!
  9. I'm drooling over the top pic on the left - the pale pink one. Toooo gorgeous! :love:

    I don't know if I should feel annoyed that BV's come up with a Maxi Veneta, just after I bought my Large Veneta. Being the big bag girl I am, I think I would have gone with the Maxi if it had been available sooner :push: That said, I
    do love my Large Veneta!!

    So fickle, I am :shame:
  10. ^^^NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: There's a MAXI VENETA now!@#$%$#@^#$&^$&

    no no no.....


    Okay, when does it debut? And how much is it?

  11. is the second pic veneta in blond ? it's :girlsigh:
  12. cute :smile:
  13. :roflmfao: beaux, you crack me up!

    Yeah. I think the Maxi Veneta made its debut in the FW show. No idea how much it costs, especially since I think most of the runway bags featured the Maxi in precious skins.

    I'm still waiting to see how they actually look like. Cos I would appreciate a larger area to put my stuff, but I'm not sure if I want longer straps, which some of them look to have. So. The verdict's still pending on the Maxi. :p
  14. ^^^Humm, usually, I don't like exotic skins - but i'd love a Maxi Veneta in any other kind of leather, either woven (my first choice of course) or a flat leather.

    Sigh - I guess this will (possibly) go on my wishlist for spring!
  15. So does anyone have a clue about the Black Maxi Veneta (bottom left) with the spiky things on it?