How am I ever going to get a pre loved..

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  1. Authenticated when the seller sends unclear or not clear enough photos?!! do they do it on purpose?
  2. Yes, they do in my experience. A good seller will have no problems taking clear pictures in the first place as they know buyers may want to get the bag authenticated. If they can't or won't provide sharp pictures WALK AWAY!

  3. Couldn't agree more! Great advice!
  4. No need to be frustrated, just don't purchase, LOL. :P Consider yourself lucky to avoid the hassle, fake, etc... Stick to the reputable sellers who already have the correct photos in their listings. Or who are willing to send you what you need. There are many reputable eBay resellers out there. Good luck!
  5. I found a bag I like that's now discontinued she very kindly sent me the pictures I asked for but they're not clear enough for authentication...I get so sick of asking, looks like pre loved is not my avenue! :smile:
  6. Aww I understand the frustration completely. Don't let it get you down. One day you'll find your dream bag with all the right photos. That's how I was in the beginning but just passing on those items allowed me to save up more and become a lil bit pickier in finding a good deal. Good luck!
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    I found a Gucci bag that I loved and tried to get authenticated but the tag was not clear enough. I asked for a clearer pic which she posted on her auction but it was still blurry. I asked again for a clearer one and she said she was tired of taking pictures, that it was authentic and would not ruin her business selling fakes. I walked away for the attitude, my feeling was if she is not going to work with me now if something is wrong with the bag she wont help me later. I could not get what the big deal was sending me a clear pic of the tag~ I did tell her it was for authenticating. Well, 4 relists later the bag is still sitting there waiting for a buyer. If I was a seller and confident in my product, I would have no problem taking whatever pics the buyer was asking. Have you tried Yoogis for pre-owned? Every item I have posted for authentication has been good and they have an A rating on the BBB which is good.
  8. Ask her if you buy the bag and it turns out to be fake, because you can't get it authentictaed with the quality of the pictures she sent, can you return it ?
    Maybe then she'll get the hint to take clearer better pics.
    Good luck !
  9. I like this idea!
  10. Some people don't understand how clear the pics have to be or have a sucky camera or dont know how to use the macro setting
  11. Shop somewhere reputable with clear photos like yoogis. I wouldnt take the chance at all if I was you.
  12. You are far too nice. :smile:
  13. try they work out of beverly hills and sell pre loved authentic. also can do layaway.
  14. I totally understand OP! And then you keep asking them over and over. I've gotten to the point where I pre-authenicate and get it confirmed here afterwards. But it took about a year before I was confident in my ability and I have never bought a fake. You might want to go with a consignment shop as others have suggested, but I have found the good "steals" are from local sellers on Craigslist and they never send good pics. :pout:
  15. Some times you just have to wait and one day it will all go your way. Just keep trying , It will happen . GOOD LUCK