How addicted are you...

  1. to TPF Bal forum? Ever since I chanced upon this forum, I always return to this forum whenever I'm online. I luv to read what Bal lovers wrote, to celebrate others' new purchase :woohoo:and to oogle at the pics:drool:. DON'T YOU???:graucho:
  2. yes oh yes! but when I've done too much spending, I'll try to stay away for a while, I've found that it helps to cool down my spending. But I always come back :p
  3. The Purse Forum is very addicting and also a huge enabler to buy more bags that we don't need LOL!! I love this place! I try to sneak a peek while I'm at work (like right now) and hope I don't get caught!!
  4. Me too!!!

    I put a bookmark on my toolbar. It's by far my most visited site!!!
  5. I registered here May 2006. I have been lurking, most times just absorbing info. Not so much in Bal but more into Louis Vuitton. :shame: I've always wanted a Bbag but was not sure I could manage a leather bag. I took the plunge not long ago & the rest is history as they always say LOL!!! Now I spend a lot of time on TPF & not just TPF Bal forums. I do check the Beauty, Health & Fitness, eBay, Jewelry & LV forums.
  6. I spend waaaay too much time on this forum for my own good :sweatdrop:. Every time I get on my computer I go straight to the bal forum. I should really spend more time doing other studying for the 2 midterms I have next week :push:
  7. I've been here a lot lately.
    Truth be told, this site is an invaluable resource for people looking for knowledge in order to make an educated purchase.
    I would NEVER buy a bag without consulting here!
  8. way too addicted. When I registered almost a year ago, I had no idea it would become a passion. It is a compulsion to check out tPF whenever I come to the computer. And now I am checking out the eBay thread and the CL thread too!!! But I have learned so much here and I love seeing the bags, how can I stop.
  9. I'm way too addicted .. check it morning before work, usually at lunch at work, after work and then off and on all evening! There's just so much to see here ... not only in this section, but the other sections I like to check out as well. I do relate to it being an enabler to buy more bags though! :smile:
  10. Same here! I've just come back after being away from the forum for awhile, and what do I do? I buy 3 new bbags!!
  11. No offence, but I enjoy Bal forum more than others. I find the threads here funnier and people more helpful, supportive and friendly:p
  12. TOTALLY agree with Sparkle..would not be a Good Day without at least 2 visits to what my DH refers to as Purse School..also has helped so much with the guilt I feel at spending $$$$ on a Bal :graucho:
  13. Yup yup, and the comments are of real help and genuine.:rolleyes:
  14. Oh, all the best to your cramming.:tup:Mine's done years back:sweatdrop:
  15. Actually I don't spend enough time on other forums myself. Must be some magnet here!!! :upsidedown: I go to health & fitness more to read coz I am a workout freak & I go to ebay a lot to follow up on the recent bad bad cases on ebay. It is safer to be in the know then be a victim. :sad: