How "Achtung Balenciaga" got its name?

  1. I have always wanted to ask this. Maybe the older members know and can enlighten?
  2. It's German for "attention". The purpose of Achtung was to highlight rare and/or authentic bags, sales etc.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Cool... so its German... interesting piece of info for me as I am Singaporean. Thanks!:yes:
  4. Yes, I know, but why did they choose german as a language?

    Is it because it sounds so funny and effective? Is it maybe because (if I am not wrong, but I am not sure either) Vlad lived or grew up in Germany for a quite long period?

    Vad, is that right?
  5. Here is a guess:
    Didn't U2 name their last album "Achtung Baby"? So "Achtung Balenciaga" is kind of a play on that? Maybe not but every time I would see the thread I always thought of U2, lol.
  6. I also had the association with U2, kind of a rocking edge to it.
  7. :graucho: me too eliza.... eheheh
  8. ^^^me three ;)

  9. I thought the same like you 'Ch' trama..... :yes: - but I'm not sure actually :s
  10. Well, the funniest thing happened yesterday - I was out with my mum doing some shopping, and I decided to drive her car home

    Anyway, I open the door, and what do I see - on the part where the door is connected to the car, the words "Achtung something"

    I was like.... whoaaaaa!

    I'd never noticed it there before - and then suddenly after this thread was opened, I do.

    Weird things like that happen to me ALL the time!
  11. The German members will be happy to know they are represented :smile:
  12. Same here fashioncult!!! Whenever I learn a new 'cool' word I start hearing people use it all the time....must be something to do with how our brains work :idea::shrugs::girlsigh:
  13. That is so true...

    But its everything with me. If I'm introduced to a new person, who I know I have never seen in the past (and I'm good with remembering faces) I end up seeing them all the time after that...

    Or if I'm thinking about someone that I havent seen in a while, they call out of the blue... or I bump into them...

    It even happens with songs on the radio... I will be thinking about a song or a singer (not a 'top 10' song either that is constantly played) - and wham, it comes on.

    Those examples and many other things confirm that...

    I'm a weirdo :blink:
  14. so where is achtung????? I can't find it today, was it removed?????
  15. Yes where is Achtung....can`t find it either....:confused1: