How accurate is the order staus?

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  1. On Friday evening I called Jax ordered the Bordeaux Pleated Carrie, I realize it was the weekend, but I was hoping it would ship out today, but when I check under order status on it still says in warehouse. I was just wondering how accurate the order status is, could it have shipped and just not have updated? Also when u place a phone order thru Jax do they email u the tracking info?
  2. Their order status is pretty odd, on saturday I checked for my croc mixed carrie and it said in the warehouse, today it changed back to backordered. I was so upset because I was told my bag would ship today! I had to call again and complain ! But if it doesn't say shipped it haven't ship yet
  3. That's what I'm worried is going to happen to mine because there were only 20 in stock when I ordered....:sad:
  4. Argh!!! Called customer service today to find out why my bag hasn't shipped yet and they said it would ship today and be delivered by Thursday, but it didn't! Now I have to call again tommorrow and find out what's going frustrating!
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    Computers tend to be slow with their updates. (inaccurate amounts)
    One day, it can show that there maybe like 10 bags when really there are only 5.
    I think Coach can be slow to fill their orders too~
    Then add UPS to the mix and you wait forever!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. It's not actually shipped until it says shipped, but what the others said too...the status tends to be unstable when a bag is being introduced. The Anna Sui Dragonfly Duffles last week were "in the warehouse" then "backordered" then back to "in the warehouse" and then "shipped" all within the space of a day or so.

    I have noticed (even before the move to UPS) that Coach is slower in shipping nowadays. Whereas if you ordered in the morning before Noon EST, the items (which were in stock) would usually ship same day, now it's taking 1-2 days before they actually ship, then whatever time it takes UPS to deliver.

    I've also stopped doing gift wrap because I have sometimes noticed delays of an additional day when I have gift wrapping option.
  7. Ok called this morning and it just shipped Ups is showing tommorrow as the delivery date :smile: and I live in CA! Will post pics as soon as I get her. Thanks everyone for making me feel better :smile:.
  8. I place an order with my FP store on Friday and its status is still showing as "Reserved" ?