How about we start a style numbers sub-forum?

  1. Hey gals, just wondering do you think it's a good idea to start a Chanel style numbers sub-forum? They have one on the Balenciaga thread which really helped me a lot when I needed someone to buy a bag from Paris for me.

    Maybe we can start one here too, so all the members would be able to check the style number of their bag, or are there just too many bags to collate info on? Perhaps we can all just contribute the style numbers of our own bags, and it will all just come together?
  2. that would be great!
  3. maybe in the shopping forum?
  4. Er any idea on how to create a sub-forum?
  5. Ohh that would be so great.
  6. Hmm... not a bad idea, but Chanel has many more lines than Balenciaga, I think? apart from Style numbers, there are also color codes and size codes...
  7. ^ we need it all ;)
  8. I think the best option would be for people to include complete information on their bags when posting in the reference library...since the major lignes and classics are already represented there with their own posts, it would keep things together.

    Whenever I post pics of my bags in the reference library, I try to include the style/color no., where I purchased it and when, as well as the price. If we could all do that then we'd accomplish what you're proposing!
  9. You can ask Swanky if it's possible. Also, maybe it could even be made a sticky rather than a subforum. It's a great idea, though, since there's no Web site to look on for style numbers, colors, etc.
  10. sounds like a good idea.
  11. we can't actually start a new sub-Forum for #'s only

    :yes: I ask this in every thread in there.

    If someone wants to start a thread I could possibly move the info to it's proper place in the Reference Library.
  12. Hi Shinyhair!That is indeed a great idea!:tup:The funny thing is that I've been wondering about the same thing after I saw a thread asking fot style numbers a few days ago !!!
    Then I thought as FanAddict says that since we have the Library that there will be no need..BUT what do you guys think if we made subcategories for the reissues,and classic flaps too? Since these two styles are having the larger variety?
    For ex we can have the classic flap category and then subdivide it into e/w ,med/large and jumbos or we can do the same with the several styles of the reissues .
    Another option would be to categorise them into leather and not style e.g lambskin/caviar/distressed/calfskin
    What do you think of that too??We should ask Swanky too if it is feasible!
    Thanks for bringing it up Shinyhair!:yes:
  13. :p Yes I like the idea of making subcategories for the more popular lignes perhaps? Just a one-stop thread which is easy to find for pple who need the style # info etc. Hehe chanelspell, I think I must have seen the same thread asking for style numbers as you! That's what prompted me to ask...
  14. Yup you're right there FanAddict, just that I thought not a lot of the bags in the reference library actually come with the style numbers etc... Maybe from now on, like you said, all of us can post all the style/colour nos when we post pics in the ref library!
  15. Great idea! I think that would be very helpful esp when you're calling around different stores looking for a particular bag.