How about this........

  1. ........a Black Croc Plume Elan GM??????????

    I was just completing my perfect H collection for the other thread when this incredible combination came to me. I want the Plume Elan GM. I'm PLANNING on a Plume Elan GM. But I was up in the air on leather/color combo and then WHAM! Hit with the idea for black croc!!!!!

    Well? Am I insane? Or just lightheaded from spending an ENTIRE week inside with a sick and phlem-ridden teen?????????

    or do I really need intervention............:s
  2. Well, I've been saying you need intervention for a while now!!!!

    Actually, D, I saw a black Plume Elan in your exact specs a few weeks ago. It's nice.........and very rare. And with the croc shortage...........fuggedabowdit!!!!
  3. Sounds like a necessity to me!!!
  4. I love plumes but don't have one. Barenia or BJ epsom would be divine! do they make it in a toile combo? Not that I could buy it as I have the birkin toile/barenia...but I'd love to see it anyway :heart:

    p.s. do you think it would be sacrilege to put a Pucci scarf on my birkin?
  5. Don't know how you have been able to exist without it......
  6. HG please pm her the number and name of where so she stops hyperventilating about it lol!!! Go Shopmom!!!!
  7. Get the funds ready shopmom!
  8. D, has the FedEx man even arrived with your little something yet??? You crack me up! Well, you have been really wanting a Plume Elan for a long time now....I think it would be absolutely lovely in a black croc combination. You should definitely try your hand at it when you go to Paris, and see if they'll let you order one there; make sure you leave the SF cooties at home though...
  9. HOLD THE PHONE, HG!!! And you didn't use S'Mom's Secret Cell phone number to let me know?!?!?!?!? Was it gorgeous? Stunning? A must have? More importantly.....what it already SOLD?????
  10. Lady Em, one thing you should know about Shopmom...........she no likey epsom.
  11. And herein lies the problem, Orchids. The dang box has been held up because of weather issues in Memphis. what else do I have to do but obsess about a Black Croc Plume Elan which is, most likely, well beyond my financial abilities at the moment considering the list of scarves on their way, a lock or two and a bag.

  12. Down, Shopmom, down!!!! Put that credit card away!!!! I saw the bag...............on another customer. Saw-ee!!! I just mentioned this to let you know it does exist.
  13. Epsom? Did someone say Epsom???? :yucky:
  14. ok..........but if you ever see Black Croc Plume Elan just, you know,sitting around on a shelf not doing anything constructive, give me a jingle.
  15. Argh..I hope things clear up over in Memphis so your package can make it over to you safely! I think it shows remarkable restraint that you didn't ask HG to track that woman down and "extract" that croc Plume Elan for you; LOL! :ninja: