How about this set?

  1. What do you think about this set? :confused1:

    I gave up for CHANEL baby animal Flap (as I couldn't find one) and would like to go for this set instead. :sweatdrop: ----- Don't recommend me to go for a classic flap as I'm not a fan of classic. I love my bag to be cute and special.

    I will use a heart coin purse as a charm :love:

    Any opinions please.......
  2. I love it. I got the Pomme catologue on Sunday and LVOE Pomme. Go for it!
  3. Gorgeous, those would be beautiful!
  4. Agree with Nola... I love Pomme!
  5. They're gorgeous!
  6. Ah you must have them all..
  7. They're all so beautiful.
  8. beautiful set! pomme d'amour is a lovely shade of red! the vernis is also more durable than the Baby Animals. They had the flap at my local boutique and IMO it looked nicer in the lookbook pics. The only thing that was cute about it was the two charms, owl and butterfly, other than that...nothing special! Surely not worth the $1765. I think you will enjoy the pomme combo a lot more!! Let us know what you decide!
  9. Go for it!!!
  10. you should buy them! they're great valentine's gift for yourself. they're so yummy like strawberry ice-cream!
  11. That's a great set. Go for it.
  12. i really wouldn't recommend pomme reade...tho the color is TDF, the style isn't really my cup of tea....

    the wide opening of the bag caused me a cell phone one time i went shopping...i never use my reade again since then :sad:
  13. Nice set :smile:
  14. Yay, pomme is beautiful! Go for it, that set is going to be a real stunner...
  15. Beautiful, you must go for the whole set!!