How about this one? Another name poll...

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Do you like the name Archer?

  1. Yes, I do!

  2. No, I don't.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. What do you think about the name Archer? What kind of person comes to mind?
  2. to be honest (not tying to offend you or anything) but it sounds kinda hillbilly.
  3. I picture a tall, slender blue-eyed blonde boy. Very 1950s. I like the name, though.
  4. I like it. it's very preppy.
  5. I think you just have to be prepared for him to be called Archie, because someone will do it at some point and if he (and/or his friends) prefer it, it will stick.
  6. Junkenpo- That's exactly what we're going for. DH and I like old-fashioned names that's not too unusual but not too common either.

    JCinwrppingppr- I think it's preppy classic too.

    steph- thanks for your feedback too.
  7. sounds like someone that does archery.
  8. I have nothing against the name, but the two /R/ sounds make it slightly awkward for me. But then again, I have issues with a number of names because of "mouth feel", which others surely would not share, so it may be a personal problem. But names with two Rs or two Ls (as in Lola) are slightly uncomfortable for me, and I wouldn't want to be repeating that name a lot.
  9. I love it! Not very common, but not too crazy either. Boys names are hard to decide on!
  10. The thing that sprang to mind instantly is that movie, I think it was called toy soldiers? Where the toys are fitted with NASA computer chips and come alive. One of the toys in that is called Archer and he looks like a very old man with long, stringy hair.

    So no, I don't like it, sorry.

    Completely feel for you though. I'm trying to pick names for my baby and can't find 'the one'. It's a total nightmare!
  11. This is what it makes me think of. I also think of Robin Hood and his bows and arrows.
  12. For a boy: very preppy....reminds me of some tall blonde blue eyed kid with a sweater tied around his shoulders.

    For a girl: no.
  13. I really like it for a boy. I think its preppy and classy. But if nicknames aren't your thing then he will probably be called Archie from time to time!
  14. Yes, the name is for a boy.

    We don't like the prospect of Archie as a nickname either, but I think we can live with the occassional Archie.
  15. To tell the truth, the name with inspired by the MTV animation series "Archer." It's about this handsome "sauve" international spy that is rather bumbling, and his female partner always bails him out. Kinda like Pierce Brosnan in "Remington Steele" for those of you who remember the series from the 80's.

    The whole cheesy chauvinism of the two characters (both kinda James Bond like) is a throw back to the 50's. We like that.