How about this for a work bag? Tabitha bag.

  1. I have never heard of this brand but I do think it would be good for work or as an every day bag. Very cute.
  2. Anyone else considering the big softie or anyone already have it? Love to know opinions :smile:
  3. I had that exact bag and used it as a work bag for a few months. I sold it on e-bay to make some money to go towards my Mulberry bayswater fund!
    It's a very soft leather so the bag although it doesn't look like it is quite slouchy when empty. The straps can be adjusted easily so it can be worn on the shoulder over a winter coat or shortened and hand held. The leather looks like it has a colour coating on it and it has a slight sheen. the interior is stripy ( it's really nice) and the interior pockets and organisation i thought was great. I'll try and post some piccies of mine for you!
  4. img_0345 (2) smaller (2) small.jpg
  5. img_0342 (2) small (2)small.jpg

    img_0344 (2)small (2)smaller (2)sm.jpg
  6. Ohhh that bag is really nice. Do you know what 100 in euros equals in U.S. dollars?!

    Really nice!
  7. where can you gets these bags in the U.S. (or can you even get these bags in the U.S.?)
  8. 100 euros is about $130
  9. thanks girls!