How about the Sig. Stripe Satchel?? :)

  1. What do you think of the Sig. Stripe Satchel?

    I think it seems like the perfect *next* bag for me (provided that the pink ergo rumors are false). It has structure, yet not too much structure. It looks like it is easy to get into. And it zips, something that the gorgeous tote doesn't have.

    Sooo....what do you think? Does anyone own it? Any pics? Do they hold their shape? I think that is my main question.

    Thanks everyone! :heart:
  2. Well, I tried in the store and is ver unconfortable in the shoulder. Is beautiful but don't was the bag that I was looking for.
  3. I don't have this bag, but I think it's really gorgeous!! The reason I wouldn't get one is because I need shoulder bags and I don't think that one would fit comfortably under my arm... but it's a very cute arm bag!
  4. I really like it. I think satchel-type bags are TDF!
  5. I love it too, and love the look of satchels, but unfortunately can never get one because I have to have a shoulder bag. If you have no problem carrying it on your arm/in your hand then it is definitely a gorgeous bag.
  6. ^ITA. My friend has this bag but she is very petite so she uses it as a shoulder bag. I tried it on and it didn't work as well for me like that, so I said 'nah' even though it is very cute.
  7. a friend of mine has this bag, and it's not very well "structured" when it's not full. It doesn't keep its round shape if it's not packed with stuff. But maybe hers is defective???
  8. I personally love this bag! I don't like shoulder bags anyway, but like others had said, it doesn't work well on the shoulder. It does look "dented" when its not full, but only a little bit. You can see in the 2nd pic. I tried to take a modeling pic, not very successful, but hopefully this will help. Haha
    (don't mind the wrinkly dress, I just got it and wanted to see how it fit.)
    I say go for it though! :tup:
    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg
  9. i have this bag & love it although its not really a shoulder bag like everyone previously said. i also agree that if the bag isn't full it tends to dent in the corners.
  10. i havent seen this before but i love the zipper! the straps on the tote are still a bit thin to my liking but having a zipper kinda makes up for it..
  11. I own this in parchment and for me, it holds its shape pretty well even when it's not full. I think it's more of a crook-of-arm/handheld bag as opposed to a shoulder bag.
  12. I do not have this bag, but it is very pretty. I love the shape and the big stipe on it makes it look very classy.
  13. Hmmm.......well, personally I think the looks of the bag is so so but as for comfort for me, not good at all. I dont like how it gets kind of funky and misshapen when its not completely full. I like the sig. stripe tote lots better.
  14. I also own this in the chocolate and brass, and its beautiful! I usually am a shoulder type girl, but I have this and denim one, and love them both!:tup:
  15. ^^^^^
    Wow, I love this bag on you!

    To LAltiero85...

    When I first saw this bag I was dying to have it. I still like it but I know that it would really not be that practical for me, but I will be a total hypocrite and say I do want a LV speedy in Damier canvas, and I'm willing to sacrifice comfort for that bag (and I would have to use it alone when I am without the kids)

    But If you are kid free and willing to carry it in the crook of your arm then get it, it's gorgeous!