How about the over 50 club???

  1. :yes: Anyone out there over 50 and enjoying LV? If you are out there I could use your help. I have the speedy 25 and want to get the 30. My question. Should I get another mono in 30 or go for the mini lin in 30? I love the look of the mono. But if I had both the 25 and 30 would I actually USE both? I doubt it. With the mini-lin, my concern is how well the mini-lin will hold up. From the info I'm reading it's not as durable. So big decision for me. I don't have many bags. I have the speedy 25 and a Coach bag for the summer (when it's raining and I don't want to use my LV, and a Coach black one for the winter for the same reason). I don't like switching much so I wouldn't do that as a general rule. I would love to hear from some other "maturer" women as to their opinions.

  2. How about the Daimer Speedy 30 very classy
  3. I think the Speedy looks good on all ages...I am not 50 + but, think when I see women 50+ the Speedy looks awesome...less structure is nice plus the price is right!!!
  4. Well- 48 is close to 50 OMG!!...:wtf:

    I agree with gucci gal...go for the Damier Speedy..:yes:.
  5. ^^^
    I agree Damier Speedy
  6. Hi Amamxr...if your avatar is certainly do not look 48!!! You look super young like 29-33ish....50 is the new 30 ladies;) !!!!
  7. Yes you look 10 years younger :yes:
  8. Damier Speedy 30!
  9. I am in my 40s, and I would suggest the damier speedy. It is very elegant and practical. I have a mono speedy, and I do not feel as if I am too old for it.
  10. Not over 50 but agree that you should go for the Damier 30. I've heard the Mini Lin material isn't the best and ppl are expecting it to pile :crybaby:

    The Damier pattern is very classy!
  11. No one is too old for a speedy they are timeless...they give us a more youthful appearance has well!!! I see too many 50+ women with the Alma and wonder why more are not carrying a speedy......
  12. Thank you!! thats sweet... yes, it is me. My DH took that picture of me this past March...while on vacation..

    Yes- 50 is the new 30.....:yes:
  13. I'm early 40's and my next bag will be the Mono speedy - I don't think the speedy looks too young at all. I'm not personally a fan of the Damier (although I do think it looks classy-I just don't love the checkerboard). I'd get the Mini in a heartbeat if I were you. I love it and think it looks very elegant.
  14. We should call this the over 40+ club......
  15. Lol my mom is..she carries bags from all lines, vernis, mono, mc. All look great on her :smile:

    IMO, you should get the mini lin's really cute and different. Different is always good :yes: