how about the Miu Miu Tote?

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  1. Hi there,

    what do you think about the Miu MIiu bag?
    I saw it in!

    is it worth?

    Thank you
    miu miu.jpg
  2. I saw there the white one and didn't much like it but! the red one looks prettyyyy :cutesy:
  3. I love it! I think it's a great style :yes:
  4. i honestly think it's a bit plain
  5. The bows would bother me. In fact, without the bows, it'd be something I'd consider. I agree it's plain, but there's a timelessness the general shape and vibe.
  6. Love it!
  7. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to get this new bow tote or the nappa charm. I mean, I finally found something that had handles long enough that I could carry the bag on my shoulder, had cute bows on it...and comes in very pretty colours this season. What more could I ask for?

    Still... the plainess of it all still kinda bugs me. Otherwise, in terms of size and shape, it all looks good.
    So in the end, I still bought the nappa charm...
  8. Its quite normal looking.
  9. I love the colour
  10. I like it - just bought this one - Anyone know what color it is? Sughero? :shrugs:
    pf1.JPG PF2.JPG Pf3.JPG pf 4.JPG pf5.JPG
  11. I heard from the westfield's miu miu that they have that in colors black,light pink,dark pink,beige,purple,light grey and dark brown.

    Seems like they have almost the same colors than the satchels at this season ;)
  12. Seeing yours gives this bag whole new look. It's relaxed looking and seems so luxe. Very nice!

    Even though the bows have never done it for me, this bag works. I'd still be cocerned about them splitting though.
  13. I agree. the relax state is sooo much better... the NAP pics is kinda plain looking and not as lux as other MM bags...
  14. Serene - thanks it must be beige then :smile:
    grietje, kiki119 - thanks alot! yeah it got a different look when all the stuffing is out - here is a few modling pics.
    bow 2.JPG bow 3.JPG bow 1.JPG
  15. Oooh beautiful!
    Fantastic colour too. Really suits you.