how about the fall for cloe edith?

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  1. does anyone have any info on what the colors will be for the fall bags? everywhere i call is sold out, the wait lists are closed...i REALLY wanted a whiskey edith but now i'm thinking maybe i should be the first on the next list...
  2. Chocolate for fall, and more whiskey and the grey. I have not heard of any additional colors for fall. Yet...
  3. I heard that the handles will be different on the Fall "Edith's" - has anyone else heard the same thing?
  4. Different how? Did they say?
  5. There will be a version that is more of a shoulder bag. ET, Did RH refer to it as the "canteen" Edith?
  6. Oh, the Cantine...yes, I know about that one already. They will have the regular Edith, too. Here is a picture of the Cantine. I don't care for it.

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  7. I am DEFINITELY not a fan of that new edith. The first one looks like it's black. The thing that kind of alarms me is that attachment for the zipper top, could it be any BIGGER?
  8. I don't like the Canteen bag. I prefer the current style of "Edith" it reminds me of a slouchy hermes.
  9. The Canteen looks pretty awful to me:sad: