How about some love for Marshalls?

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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you to check your local Marshalls stores too for Coach deals. I popped in one this morning-just because it is next door to TJ's and I was there-they had a rack of designer bags. MK, Dooney, Coach...honestly, I only looked real quick because I was all about the wallets today, lol. They did have a khaki optic shoulder bag of some sort, it was BIG. A bunch of Ergos, a chocolate sig bag that looked sort of like a gallery tote but it was tall rather than wide. Oh and an ink Bleecker duffle for $179.99 that I almost grabbed but I'm not a huge fan of the duffle shape. Even still, at that price I kind of regret it now! I definitely want a bag in that color now though! Naturally since I was looking for them, not a wallet in sight!

    So don't forget to check Marshalls too, you might get lucky!
  2. Will do, thanks for the update. I'm from California and my nearest TJM's stinks. I don't go to these stores often but now I will. I need a pretty Ergo color so I hope they have it. Thanks again!
  3. My Marshalls isn't that great, I think it varies from area to area because my TJs are AWESOME!
  4. Will try to stop by this weekend and see what they have. I'd like some sneakers.
  5. I have a brand new Marshall's 10 min. from my house - I was so excited, but it really sucks! There is nothing remotely designer there - they had Pliner and Coach shoes for the grand opening and I got a great M. Kors top that was still in the retail stores at reg. price for super cheap, but since then nothing. The bags are all cheap, tacky things - I've seen nothing good - not even many Kors bags which seem to hit the discount stores in buckets. Just Nine West, Guess, K. Van Zeeland and a lot of no-name stuff.
  6. The newest Marshalls near my house briefly had the AnaMaria wedges-they were gone in a weekend! They also had a couple of the older Soho flap bags.:heart:
  7. So far I have found nothing at Marshalls other than shoes and a small ergo in leather.
  8. nothing at my bay area, ca mashalls either.. i guess people buy them up before i get to them. i prefer to go to outlets still. at least i know when i get there, there will still be some items there hehe..
  9. thanks for the reminder! will do today! even though they never have squat! LOL haha doesn't hurt!
  10. Thanks, one of the Marshalls near where I live has a whole designer section so the stuff goes fast because it is not mixed in with the rest of the bags. They had some cute dooney stuff though, the bee pattern that I think is adorable. I didn't see any coach when I went yesterday but I have seen stuff there before.
  11. My Marshalls still has nothing, although they are now putting out stock since it's Tues. I went through the canvas carts, but saw no Coach. Check out TJ Maxx, of my stores just got in a new shipment and has restocked a few items!
  12. I stopped by Marshalls last Friday and they actually had several Coach bags. :tup:

    They had a large-ish khaki optic tote, a few small brown Ergo hobos, one medium Bleecker duffle in ink, a few minisig shoulder totes in white with saddle leather trim, and a Legacy slim flap in brown canvas/parchment leather. Seemed like the prices were a little higher than what they would have been at the outlets, though, so I passed.
  13. My Marshalls ocassionally carries 1 or 2 Coaches.
  14. My Marshalls is right next to Tj and they usually seem to carry the same things. TJ has a little more, but as far as coach, I've seen the same bags at both stores...
  15. I am totally going to check out the Marshalls by me. There is not a TJM very close. But we always go to the Nordstrom Rack and they usually have some cute things!:tup: