How about some chocolate, ladies? My new Square Vintage Tote!

  1. Wow, I can't believe I found one. There were none in the Chanel boutiques, none at NM, but I finally found one at the Sak's in Denver (thanks to the tip from me_love_purse:heart: ). I originally wanted the dark white like Swanky's, but those were gone. I'm loving the chocolate, though! Take notice, I painted my nails in Chanel Madness to match the bag:p .

    By the way, if anyone is looking for a SA at Sak's, Angie Palmer in the Denver Sak's was great.


  2. Congrats!!!! Lovely bag. Saw it IRL and thought the color is real nice.
  3. Very pretty!! The leather looks SOOO soft!
  4. Congrats on finding such a gem!!! It's gorgeous!!!
  5. Sorry double post
  6. Congrats Tammy~~~~
    Love the bag - so soft looking and the nail polish-- such a nice touch :smile:
    I have that color polish. I haven't worn it yet. I am getting my nails done with the new white Chanel polish.
    Enjoy your chocolate!!
  7. :nuts: Gorgeous! that is the one bag on my really, really want list!
  8. If you can find one, you should snap it right up. I'm thinking I got the last one in the Sak's system.
  9. Congrats - The bag is so pretty....
  10. Oooo...GORGEOUS!! the color is so rich...totally to die for!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :drool::drool:
  11. congrats!! what a beautiful color... it's soooo rich

    omg... i paint my nails to match my chanels too (granted i only have black chanels, and the black chanel nail polish is uber in right now, but that's beside the case) i thought i was one of the few people that did it, and felt kinda weird and obsessive compulsive about it! -but i feel better now b/c i know there are others!!

    congrats on finding her...!
  12. Yep, I've been wearing my black Baby Cabas, along with my Noir Ceramic nail polish. I knew the tote was coming in today, so I painted my nails with the Madness in anticipation of it :rolleyes:. It's so funny you do that too!
  13. congrats! that bag is so gorgeous!
  14. beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  15. that bag is gorgeous:love: congrats!