How about Shoes?

  1. I think I might be the only woman on the planet who's feet just don't feel comfy in Manolo's. I don't own one pair.....but Chanel's fit me like a glove! (I don't own any of those yet either but I'm trying to make up for lost time......).....:yes:

    Anyway, how about Hermes shoes? anyone own any? How about comfort and fit? What do you think of the styles?

    I haven't tried any on yet....trying to get my courage up.:rolleyes:
  2. lol - you're too funny.:lol: if it's any consolation - manolo's are a hit or miss w/ my feet as well. so chanel's cool, eh? good to know...:angel:

    as for hermes, noriko said they're comfortable but remember, we're talking high heels here (translation: 3+ inches.)

    as for the styles, personally i adore the spring/summer collection. very fun styles! haven't seen their fall/winter collection yet.

    heheheh... well greentea is back now so i guess your temporary shopping ban is over.:P
  3. I bought yesterday my first Hermes pair!

    It's only a humble pair of flip flops, but still, I'm very excited!!! I got it 50% off too! :happydance:

    They are like the ones shown in the auction below, only mine are green and the plastic on the top is transparent with a flower pattern.

    I realise my post is really off-topic, but I couldn't help it, I wanted to share the news!

    Ah, and by the way, in the boutique I also saw a beautiful blue jeans / palladium 35 Kelly waiting patiently to meet her future owner...
  4. NICE SHOES, ALMUDENA!!! Hmmmmm......and Greentea's back, is she?!?!?!?

    Maybe I'll just have to try on a pair next time I'm in SF......
  5. I'm not mad about H shoes, but I really liked a pair of ballerina flats that I saw on Bluefly:wtf: I don't know if you saw them, there was a gold pair and a white one...but I can't order shoes without trying them on, and I asked my store about them but they said they're from last year, if not the year before, so that was that...but I would buy those if I ever came accross them...also they have nice boots.... But, I have to say that as I get older, my interest in clothes and shoes is declining fast....I used to be a shoe addict, at the same level as with bags, but now I definately prefer bags....and also now my priority, both for shoes and clothes, in COMFORT....before I would wear beautiful shoes even if they I don't.....luckily here in Italy you find really good quality shoes quite cheap, so I'm satisfied with that!!:yes:

  6. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

    Sorry........I just got a bit shocked!!!!!!

  7. Ha! I was just kidding - but I have to admit - I find my Manolos SOOOOO comfortable.

    Anyway, I had a pair of Hermes shoes - little slip-on bright red things, with a "laquered" sole......they were very uncomfortable - and I have little trouble with shoes (my feet are a very normal size and shape!)...they constantly felt like they were in danger of slipping straight off, and I had to "grip" with my toes all the time to keep them on......I gave them to a friend....having said that, my Mum owns a pair of leather slides, with a H on the top - she says they are very comfy - so I don't know??????

    They have some lovely ones, though..........mmmmmmmm!
  8. Any photos of the different style of shoes?
  9. I tried one of their pumps but the sizes run bigger than normal ... so they didn't fit my little feet. :crybaby:
  10. same here ahem well i do not havve very little feet but very narrow ones. and all the shoes i tried on have been on the broader side. i am in love with a violet croc sandal but i will loose them in no time. and with a size down my toes are hanging off :Push: :crybaby:
  11. I have the walking shoe I think it is called "Jump" and I love them!! So comfy.
  12. These are very cute flip-flops ( I adore all types of flippies)

    Shopmom, yes....I'm baaaaaaack. :smile:
  13. Have you all seen the ballet flats with the perforated H? Love them!! But, all US stores ran out of my size....(found them too late). These shoes would look great with an evelyn bag.
  14. I have some lambskin Hermes boots. They are very soft, but the soles seemed to tear up quickly.
  15. OOH..LOOK! Jill is in the HERMES forum..LOL....
    I actually own 2 pairs of Hermes heels and they are so cute and really comfy..One pair ran HUGE though..I have to put an insert in them or I will walk out of them..LOL...Will try to post pics later of them!