how about puting together your fav Balenciaga SA's email list ?

  1. Anyone wants to share ? esp those Bal NY SAs' contact information....
    I am a newbie to B-bag and I feel Email is a more accurate way to ask and get information (if SA care enough to reply and reply quickly ) esp when people is looking for a particular color or style .

    thanks a lot
  2. My favorite SA is Kim. I had worked with Daphne once and while my experience with her wasn't bad, she just didn't respond as quickly and effectively as Kim. But that could be because I was a new customer? However, I know a lot of PF members receive EXCELLENT service from Daphne. All I know was that I called Kim on a Tuesday at 11am requesting an Aqua City and by 2pm that same day she sent me photos of all of my options. On Wednesday my bag was packed and ready to go! She was patient, fantastic and super informative.
  3. funny story about Kim--My old SA was Sarah Burchett and since she left, they passed me on to Kim....I was calling to change my waitlist Violet to a pre-order and she wasn't I asked for her voice mail--which I promptly left her a message on....on the voice mail message, it sounded like an Asian woman(the person had an accent)....and with her name being 'Kim'...silly me automatically thought Kim was Korean(I know...I'm a dork)....and the next day, BalNY called and it was Kim...with no accent...I actually was dorky enough to say, "aren't you Korean?" Kim was like "", and of course, I should of just shut up and moved onto giving her my CC number, but noooooo....I had to say, "but I thought you had an accent" now she was so confused she had no response for me, it was embarrassing...but it was funny enough to share to story:smile: And yes, she was nice and took my CC...can't wait to get a call from her when it arrives!:yahoo:
  4. I vote for Kim & Daisy!
  5. can someone give me Daphne, kim or Daisy 's email ?
    thanks a lot , since I need to ask some pics email might be a better way to go .
  6. I really don't think it is a good idea to post a list of emails on the open forum without the consent of the SAs being mentioned.
  7. You should just call BalNY yourself, it would be easier for you to actually talk to an SA there and establish some sort of rapport with her, then have her email you pictures. A random email from someone they dont know wont help and you may not get a response (if at all) for a while.

    I had a most awesome SA their but he passed away. Since then I have received poor service and a credit card getting charged for an order I cancelled. I dont recommend anyone their actually. They lost my business.
  8. OK thanks a lot for information.
  9. Crystal. She's super nice and very prompt with returning calls etc.