How about I bought a fake bag and resell it to another buyer?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just found this forum and thouht I can ask you guys a question.

    I bought a fake Prada bag for $800 more. When I received it, I knew it was a fake bag. So I listed again because I want to get my money back (I know it sounds awkward. I am sorry. That's why I am here), but the list was over and the buyer already paid me. What should I do? Should I ask the seller who I bought the fake from or just sell this item to the buyer??

    Help me

    Thank you!!!!
  2. First, it's illegal to sell a counterfeit item, furthermore, it becomes Mail Fraud when you ship it.
    So, that said, the original Seller owes you some $!
    Do not sell this item, it's not ethical or moral. . .
  3. so you would knowingly do to someone else, what has been done to you. :shrugs: I dont get it, why would you want to do that? not good, not good at all:cursing: :cursing: Don't do it, Karma it a BIT%H. Get your money back via eBay/Paypal or your credit card.
  4. so I can just ask my bank to refund the money?
    and tell my buyer that is a fake?
    also, send the item back????
  5. Yes, if it's not too late, file a complaint with eBay and/or paypal. You WILL get your money back. Please don't sell it to another unknowing buyer -- that's completely unethical, not to mention mean and illegal!
  6. Do NOT send the item back unless paypal and/or eBay tells you to do so. They may need it for evidence and they may want you to take pictures.

    Do you know how to contact eBay/paypal about receiving a fake bag?
  7. no, I don't know how to contact ebay or paypal.
  8. You must refund the buyer's paypal account and tell her that you discovered it to be fake. Then you have to contact the bad seller immediately and threaten negative feedback and demand your money be refunded. File a complaint with Ebay. If you paid by paypal you are protected. In my opinion I would rather be out $800 than pass this on to someone else so they can suffer instead. Remember what comes around goes around...and it really does!
  9. when did you buy it?
  10. I bought it two weeks ago and recieved it a week ago.

    Thank you you girls!!!!!!!I am so glad you answered my question. I already asked the seller for refund and message to the buyer.
  11. Right, now you need to open a dispute w/ Paypal and eBay.
    How did you pay? Credit card thru Paypal?
  12. yeah. I paid by credit card thru paypal.
  13. I am coming to this thread late, but I am glad that you decided against reselling the fake bag...that would be mean.
  14. yes, use the link and file a dispute as SNAD - Significantly Not as Described
    you'll want to escalate it as soon as they'll let you as well.
    Call your credit card Co and let them know, they will often go ahead and refund your $ or at least put a hold on the amount so it's not due.