How about having an expiration date for threads?

  1. I noticed that new TPF users regularly "bump" threads that are several years old. Sometimes the topic is relevant but usually they are old reveal threads or old questions that were asked years ago. Example:

    I noticed when you create a poll question you can choose an expiration date. What about having that feature for threads? The OP could pick when they want the thread to expire to keep the boards clean. Or certain types of threads, particularly reveals or "which one should I get" threads could automatically expire after 6-8 months? Just a thought.
  2. It would be difficult to discern which ones should and which ones should not. A lot of our threads shouldn't ever expire. We have a lot of important info on how to read date codes, Rolexes, history of Chanel leather, all kinds of info that won't ever be dated.
    For mods to go in and close every single thread that could expire would be a great amount of work.
  3. another thing I think would help is to change the default setting in the search of how posts appear, if they are ascending or descending by post date.

    I've found that frequently I don't play with the settings and just quickly type in a word and then I have to go to the 4th or 5th page of results to find the most recent. I can understand how newcomers to the forum don't know enough yet to notice that, they just look at the first page of results.
  4. I was meaning for them to auto expire and close on their own. I was mostly referring to reveal threads and questions about which bag to buy. I just noticed in the LV forum those threads get bumped quite often even if they are several years old. Many times they are so old the OP isn't even on the forum anymore. Oh well, it was just a suggestion. :smile:

    @mundodabolsa, that's a great idea too! That might minimize older threads getting bumped.
  5. It's not a bad suggestion. There's just no automated way of doing to w/ some threads but not others. :flowers: