How about designer tees then?

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  1. I see they're lots of designer jeans wearers , so what about designer tees, you know C & C, Ella Moss, Splendid, James Perse, etc. I love James Perse and Splendid personally. What about you guys
  2. My tees come from all over the place. They are mainly not designer...
    I'm more likely to have designer jeans on than designer tees.
  3. James Perse is my favorite! I'm not a big fan of C&C... the material is too thin and the cut is too long for me.
  4. I like Michael Stars tees, they're nice and soft. Most of my plain tees and tanks are from American Eagle and Abercrombie.
  5. I bought my first Splendid tee yseterday. Where have I been? It is so soft- I love it. I looked around a bit to see other styles- but I haven't seen the kind that I's a really 'light' version I guess it was for the summer.
  6. I like Michael Stars as well!
  7. I like the Pink Pony line from RL. Worthy cause, too.
  8. I'm a huge huge huge fan of James Perse. His T's and tanks fit perfectly and are made of a great material IMO!
  9. I LOVE James Perse! I also have a lot of Splendid and Velvet basic tees and tanks. Oh and I have a lot of C&C extra long sleeve tees too, they're comfy!
  10. I love the Dolce logo tees :biggrin:
  11. I like Michael Stars too! I have three in the cross-over v-neck. I love the drape of the fabric.

    I'd like to try some James Perse.

    And the J.Crew catalogue showed up in the mail, a couple of their tissue tees are really sweet.
  12. I love C&C and Michael Stars!
  13. I love C&C, especially X-Long sleeve tees. I want to try some James Perse too, it seems like people prefer that designer over C&C. :smile:

    I also like Joomi Joolz and Jake's Dry Goods.
  14. I'm envious of all the girls who can fit C&C! I tried on a million styles and the styles are perfect for my arms but too baggy everywhere else =( They're soo soft...!

    I just got into Ella Moss and Love by Ya-ya, so far so good with them =)
  15. i don't really like wearing regular t-shirts but i like ralph lauren and lacoste polos