How about an 'Adorable ANNIE' club!!!

  1. Here's mine!

    :heart: smaller still.jpg
  2. Here's mine in chocolate. :smile:
    mulberry annie.jpg
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  6. here's mine
    2 months old and still unused:crybaby:

    I've got to do something about that!

    mulberry 001.jpg
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  8. Is it cruel to bump this thread when Annie is no longer in production?
  9. well lots of people bought them in the sale at xmas so they need to be posting pics. Hint hint!!!!!
  10. Ok!!! Heres mine!! And I love her!
    bags and stuff 092.JPG
  11. I got my Blk Annie at christmas but don`t think I would look as good as chaz`s - Still my favourite casual bag for winter tho !!
  12. Being relatively new to Mulberry I only saw one in real life for the first time yesterday - a cool looking girl sitting opposite me on the bus had one. It's a gorgeous bag, I can see why you are all fans!
  13. Here is mine, in Chocolate.