how about a "Your Jewelry Showcase" thread?

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  1. So we all have fun looking at each other's handbags in the "Your Bag Showcase" subforum. Would anyone be interested in having a "Your Jewelry Showcase" thread? We could post pics of our entire jewelry collections or just our favorite pieces. Perhaps the moderators would consider making it a "Read Me" sticky at the top of the subforum. And maybe it could be pics only--no chatter.

    What does everyone think about this idea?

    p.s.--We could even have separate threads for "Your Watch Showcase" and "Your Engagement Ring Showcase."
  2. Great Idea!!!!
  3. Anybody else???
  4. Um...I am laughing because I would just point you to my website. ROFL Pretty much anything on there counts as mine right? hee hee

    But other than that my own jewelry is pretty boring. But I'd love to look at everyone else's gorgeous pieces! And I can post my new wedding ring...whenever we get that taken care of!
  5. Megan's jewelry is awesome! I would love to have a jewelry thread so we could post pics of jewelry, I have some vintage pins that are really nice. But if you would like to see the beautiful jewelry I just got from Casto
    Creations, head on over to her website and look at the "Fall is Flung" necklace and earrings set and the silver starfish pendant necklace!! I just got them today and they are all gorgeous, very quality items! Love them!!
  6. Ah...thanks, kelly!

    Your doggy is so cute!!! :smile:
  7. I'd be interested! Just give me a bit of time to take pictures, lol.
  8. Sounds like a great idea to me!