How about a "Vintage" subforum in Handbags & Purses?

  1. Vlad and Megs have done a terrific job making appealing and active designer subforums. What's next? Many members seem to have a substantial interest in vintage handbags, don't they?

    I suspect there would be many members who would post in, and regularly read a Vintage subforum, don't you? They would talk about beaded bags from the 1920s, 50s-style bags with bakelite handles, "magazine" bags from the 70s, and all kinds of great things in between.

    This could be a great resource for both learning about bags, and for attracting an interesting and diverse segment of handbag enthusiasts. What are your thoughts?
  2. Let me see what Vlad thinks... I never thought of that
  3. I Like This Idea!
  4. I like the designer sub-forums. If someone has a vintage chanel, it would just go in there, yes?
  5. I LOVE this idea!!! :heart: I've bought a lot of vintage clutches off of eBay w/ eelskins, lizard, snake, beaded, etc... things that you would NEVER see in the stores now days!

    A forum for vintage might expand someones interests in venturing out from a "designer" label! Could be very fun and cool new thread!!! :flowers:
  6. Yes. Vintage Chanel should stay in Chanel. I'm just thinking there are so many great collectible bags - many of which aren't associated with designers. Some might be associated with manufacturers or certain trends, but others might be hard to classify.

    It just seems like it'd be a resource to talk about interesting and unusual bags - and perhaps give budding purse designers on the forum (are there any?) a place to get inspiration.
  7. Make that a "yes" vote from a newbie here. I would definitely
    visit this board more often if there were a "vintage" forum, particularly as the purses I'm most interested aren't "label" brands.
  8. Good idea!!! :biggrin:
  9. Such a fun idea! My grandmother just gave me a bunch of cute vintage bags, and a vintage subforum would be the perfect place to discuss.
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