How about a travel sub-forum?

  1. I was just wanting to throw this out there because Im going to take a trip this weekend and I hate having to look up what there's to do around town.....:hysteric:

    Especially when I don't know if it's REALLY any good tourist attractions, restaurants, etc...:oh:

    What do you ladies think?

    Maybe if there's enough demand for it, we could ask Vlad....:tender: .
  2. I'll ask Vlad... there are a few subforums we think can go under General Discussion, and this is one :yes:
  3. barbaro!--gracias, Megs.:happydance:
  4. this is a great idea I'd love to see a travel subforum too!
  5. Oh me too!! People are always asking what to do in LA or Vegas that sort of thing.
  6. Im glad we all agree~!!
  7. with so many ladies on the forum that travel and know about the 'good' places to go to in different cities/states/countries....there's bound to be good advice...
  8. I think a travel forum is a great idea
  9. Travel sub-forum would be great! Pretty much this forum would cover everyting us girls need.
  10. sounds like an excellent idea!
  11. Yes!
  12. i'd like that too.:yes:
  13. like there's a question about myrtle beach in the general discussion today and that wouldve fit perfectly under our new 'travel' sub-forum~!!
  14. I think that is a wonderful idea. we are always asking each other about great places to stay etc....
  15. yes....and its always nice when one gets recommended to go somewhere by someone that's already been there...I mean, that way, you know it'll be great.