How About A SoCal Purse Forum Meeting??

  1. Aww I have these often with the car guys (i see them about 2-3 times.. a week!), and I would love to have like a monthly or bi-monthly group meeting with lunch and chitter-chatter if you guys & gals are up for it!

    So who's in? If possible, I'd like to set the first meeting on May 20th (Saturday). We can probably do a luncheon at SCP, since parking is always free and easy access to almost all the stores in the southland, but if there's a majority that wants to go elsewhere we can go somewhere else. :smile:
  2. bumpity bump.. no biters? :sad:
  3. I think I can go!
  4. Sounds like fun. The more the merrier......... anyone else?
  5. lol this is really hard. i'll just PM the ones that replied in the Cali Roll Call. Let me know if you don't get one by this Friday and I'll send you one too. :smile:
  6. I love SCP so I'll be up for it. Well, only if I pass my bar exam because result comes out the day before that Sat. :lol: Then I can go celebrate by buying a bag that day! :smile:
  7. I might be too old... :smile:
  8. sounds really funn!!!
    i want to go but SCP is too far from west LA..
  9. Hey, I'm game! Count me in.
  10. You can get a ride with me. It's only about an hour's drive.
  11. You're never too old to talk about fashion and bags bags bags!! ;)
  12. :blink: Too old? Not :huh: Never!:P
  13. I'd be up for that. Haven't been to SCP for a while now.
  14. NO! I MUST meet my Chloe hero! :nuts:
  15. We can all raid the LVs and other stores there! :nuts: