how about a picotin

  1. does anybody know how much is a picotin?And is there a waiting list for them.All of a sudden it looks like a new it-bag for me while waitng for my Birkin.Maybe in etoupe?! Please let me know what you think of that.
  2. No waiting list. I think it´s a cute bag but only handheld so if you don´t have a problem with that why not.
  3. i'm not sure about prices there are 3 sizes...

    I think the Picotin is cute, I have the middle size and it holds quite a lot. A real summerbag :smile:
  4. If your lifestyle would find use for a picotin, why not?

    I have way too much junk in my bag. A picotin is not going to be enough.

    It's easy to find a picotin.
  5. I think they are really cute, fun bags. My daughter is wanting one...
  6. It is a cute bag. I have an MM size that I use when I am going out to the movies, concert, etc. when I don't feel like taking my Kelly. I am starting to develop a new appreciation for my Picotin.

    AuthenticLux started a thread where she took pictures of her Picotins. It is a helpful thread to compare the sizes. As you can see, the larger sizes can sometimes be worn on the shoulder.

    I think a PM Clemence is currently $1675.00 USD. They are available but if you want something like Barenia it may be a little difficult to find.
  7. I have the PM I'm etoupe and it's my favorite summer bag. This is one bag on which I love to dangle all sort of charms and twillies. In the PM it's just cute!!!
  8. I think the PM Picotin, is really sweet, and i think in a bright colour would look gorgeous.:heart:
  9. I love my Picotin PM!!! It's Clemence and it was around $1675 I think. :yes: I use a small purseket in it and can fit a lot for a small bag.
    P2.jpg P5.jpg
  10. I have a gold MM Picotin, it was 1,300 euros I think. It's so lovely and squashy and sits on your knee like a little cuddly dog ready for petting and the clemence leather smells divine. Very useful casual bag but it can be dressed up, if you look at the 'Prix de Diane 2007' thread, you will see an elegant lady holding a white Picotin. Here's my gold one:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    picotin.jpg bbq3020607.jpg
  11. hi, allaboutnice,like yours very much think I am goiing for the mm size.
    Can't wait to go for the H-store hope they have them!
  12. :yes::yes::yes::heart:i adore the pm. in person, the proportions are just right. "arm candy" my dear friend;) calls it. i love the mm on allaboutnice. you have to try the sizes on in person to see for yourself.
  13. Good idea hiheels.I am 1.76 {no idea in foot and inches},so maybe I the pm is to small for me.
  14. you're about 5'9. i would say yes, an MM would be a better guess, but you never know. the pm was much more significant in person than i had thought.
  15. Here's me with my PM for a size reference. I'm 5'7.