How about a Miscellaneous Designers Subforum?

  1. Here's my suggestion for the Feedback Dropbox .. Maybe until a designer has enough interest for its own forum some of the brands that do not have their own can have a Miscellaneous or such forum? .. For example, maybe some of the most popular ones like Dooney, Juicy, Kooba, Etro, Botkier, Jimmy Choo and others - and so on could have one sticky thread so at least an enthusiast of those brands can browse that and add to it, and then the main section of the forum can be all and anything else. Then once if a particular designer seems to get massive posts and activity maybe then is a good time to consider its own forum.

    Just a thought :smile:
  2. I thought that was what the Handbags and Purses section is?
  3. it is:yes: