How about a Luna?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a Luna so I can get pretty much all of the pattern. How do you guys like your Lunas? Obviously it's not a handbag, but an overnight/carry-on type bag.

    How do you use your Lunas? Do you like them?
  2. I have used my Luna for a day trip I took. I had to carry a lot of stuff. It was great. I spent most of the day carrying it accross my body which left my hands free. I also used it on a cross-country move as my 'in and out of hotel' bag. It was just the right size.

    I love it and will probably use it again for summer trips. Oh...and it is home for my other toki bags :smile:
  3. I just used my Playground Luna as a carry-on bag when I went on vacation (along with my matching Playground Campeggio!) and it was really fun to carry my own style of matching funky "luggage." Several people at the airport liked my bags too. :smile:
  4. I use my original luna for the gym, and love how bright and fun it is!
  5. I have three Lunas...I wish I had spent the money on other bags.....
  6. I use my citta luna to store my other bags :lol:
  7. I just used my Foresta Luna this passed weekend up in the bay area! It was perfect! I got alot of stuff in there!

    Yeah, good idea DreamsofToki.. 3 Lunas!! I have one.. nice to have another one!! Inferno maybe? Trasporto? lol
  8. They were all at least 50% off and I bought them before I ever used the first one. I was very disappointed in how much it didn't hold. And how difficult it was to get in and out of. I'd have been better off spending the money on one Trenino.

    Mine are a Citta Rosa, a Foresta and and Original Black.
  9. yeah u were the one that helped me find my foresta luna for 50% off! that was my first foresta piece yay!

    I guess it depends on what you wanna put in a luna. I had a short 3 day weekend. I repeated some clothing knowing i'd just borrow my sister's stuff when i got there! So it's good for packing light!! =)
  10. They ARE pretty to look at though!! And I think I will probably use them when I go on longer trips where I can unpack once I get there.
  11. i use my luna since i go home every packs all of my cosmetics, face and body stuff (trust me its a lot) and 2-3 days worth of clothing! its perfect!
  12. I've used the Luna a couple of times already for overnight trip/weekend trip and it works out perfectly. I only put clothes in. I had another bag for other stuff and no shoes in there.
  13. I've been wondering about this bag, It's very interesting, but would like to see it IRL... seems that there are differing opinions on it..
  14. I haven't used mine yet except for holding other bags.. but since i've been on a buying rampage, I can't use it for that anymore!

    I do plan on using it to the hospital when I go into labor... I have to strategize though. I stuffed my fave. robe (HELLO KITTY) in there and now the bag is pretty full. I'm sure I could jam other stuff in there.. but we'll see.
  15. I use mine every weekend. :smile: We (DH, DS and I) stay at my In-laws over the weekend, and I use it to haul my clothes and DS's clothes and stuff over. :smile: It does hold a lot and I want another one!! :smile: BTW: Mines is a Spiaggia luna..