How about a little VL........

  1. .....for me?

    I'm still thinking about a light colored Kelly for everyday, rain or shine and chanced across a pic of a Gold Vache Liegee Kelly in the Information thread that stopped me dead in my tracks!

    And I about a 28cm Gold VL Kelly?

    Pros and cons anyone? I know next to nothing about this leather except that Gold seems lighter looking in it and I don't think it would compete with my Gold Togo Birkin for wear-time.

    Would love your opinions......trying to put a list together for Muffin of acceptible bags for S'Mom.....:p
  2. Have you seen Gold VL in person?

    It's actually a quite unusual looking leather, in my opinion. I find that people either adore it, or don't get it. It's got a two tone effect to it, as the bottom of the grain is a bit lighter than the top of the grain. It's also very, very rigid and stiff (hehe)--not casual at all, in my opinion.

    I think it's lovely but I also don't think it fits your bill in this case.
  3. What about color-bag this time since you have a great collection of neutral H bags??? red VL Kelly with GH...or something...
  4. I have a friend with a gorgeous Gold VL Birkin that I only saw briefly once..........but next time I see her, I'll take a better look!!!!!
  5. S'Mom I added a bit to my earlier post...
  6. I saw red VL Kelly with GH at Hermes. It was GORGEOUS!
  7. You did?? Which red? That's something you don't see every day.
  8. know what I was liking about it.....that it reminded me of Peau Porc a little with that two-tone grain. Is this a leather that "softens" with wear?
  9. It was not that dark...I didn't ask if it was rough H or rough vif. I was too excited about my special order RTW arrival & trying them on...:sweatdrop:..anyway, it was red with GH....supple kelly...And again, it was so pretty~!:heart:
  10. no D, I beat up my Kelly and she is still as hard as a rock,.. but I like that. I think a 28cm kelly in VL would be very casual. I wear mines with jeans blazers sweaters and it's fine.
  11. I agree! My VL Birkin is like army-truck! It seems indestructive!:tup: I love VL:heart:. It softens up over time while it still holds it's shape well (I love VL even though I like soft leather Birkins than stiff ones among non-exotic.)
  12. VL gets my vote, S'Mom.:tup:

    As for rouge in VL - it's most likely Brique or Rouge H.
  13. I LOVE VL in rouge H and the darker colours where the two-toned effect is less obvious.

    Gosh, I hope I don't offend anyone here, but I really don't like VL in gold - it's quite pale, and has a pinkish cast, to my eye. I love how rigid it is, though, and I think it is fabulous in other colours.
    I've heard it can be refurbed quite well, too, which is good to know.
  14. The little I've used my VL Birkin it has softened considerably. It is quite amazing leather, imo. And I'm not terribly fond of epsom or courcheval (have a trim in each), so in comparing VL to those two leathers, there is, to me, no comparison.

    It shines, it's very tough, but lively to the touch, rain-resistant, gorgeous two-tone and very light may be on to something, here....VL may be perfect for your needs in your new bag!
  15. Well...I am starting to regret not buying that VL red Kelly...:sad: