How about a large paddington tote.... in mousse??

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  1. I'm LOVING Loganz mousse paddy with the silver hardware. I also am really loving the large paddington tote, especially SoCal's whiskey :love::love:

    Has anyone ever come across a large paddington tote in Mousse??? I cancelled my order for the one in blanc from NM since I spent too much on bags already and for a large & white bag, I think I would dirty it up pretty quickly.... but if there was one in mousse, I would die and go to heaven!

    I know I would carry a mousse in the large tote everywhere with me... sigh...

    TIA for any info!
  2. I don't know if they will bring out the tote in mousse, but there is a big pocket Paddy available in mousse right now from LVR and dove (which might be the same as mousse) from NAP.

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  3. I saw those too! Thanks for posting those pics!

    I think I need to study those a bit closer and see if it is for me :amuse:

    A wave of paddington love is coming over me just recently. I know I'd have to give up a b-bag if I really want one =\

    Arrghhh, decisions....
  4. Ahh, well now you've really got me thinking about the large pocket paddy! I just compared SoCal's pics of hers in the noir(?) and large whiskey tote and they are nearly the same size. It's just that the pocket paddy isn't so boxy.

    I know I'm going to be thinking about this through bedtime :Push:
  5. Tried the large pocket paddy in the mousse/dove on is very nice!
  6. I think the BIG pocket Paddy is boxy. More so than the medium seems closer in size to the regular Paddy. As soon as mine gets here I will post pics (big pocket in mousse).
  7. Thanks!

    Question for SoCal or anyone else that may know: How much bigger is the large tote vs. the pocket paddy? SoCal's comparison pics of the two makes both bags look almost similar in size, the tote being only slightly larger with a slightly longer handle drop.
  8. The shape of the two bags is quite different. The tote is more "narrow" in depth. Let's see, I tried on both the tote and the large pocket paddy...the tote does have a longer shoulder drop. It hangs from mid-torso to waist. The large pocket paddy has more depth/width. I would estimate that it has about a 7.5-8" drop, so it hangs alongside the torso. Hope this helps! Too bad I don't have a large pocket paddy at home to make more accurate comparisons...hmm, now there's an idea...
  9. Thanks for the info SoCal!! Very helpful! :amuse:

    I am now leaning towards the large pocket mousse. Now if only someone would buy my lilac twiggy! :shame: