How about a Family sub-forum?

  1. I know many of us have stories/rants about our families and kids that we need to share. Since we have an animal sub-forum, what about a family one?
  2. The more sub-forums a board has, the more splintered it becomes. Case in point: the news about Steve Irwin's death showed up on four different sub-forums this morning!!

    The other problem is people don't always know WHERE to post when there are so many sub-forums. It makes a lot of work for the mods because they spend their time reading posts and then figuring out which forum to put them on and feel obligated to move those posts. And THAT confuses the thread starter as well as anyone that's posted a reply because they can't find their post.

    It's also a PITA to have so many sub-forums to read through.

    See what I mean? Gets very messy and complicated! :shrugs: