How about a Chloé girls facebook list?

  1. Is anyone who visits here a facebook member? :p
  2. i am!!:yes:
  3. Yep, Facebook devotee here!
  4. If anyone wants to add me I'm Victoria Hicks :tup:
  5. sure I how do we start?
  6. I just thought we could all add each other :yes:

    Nothing more, nothing less!
  7. And maybe we could create a group? :smile:
  8. If we get a few people together a group would be great!
  9. I guess this means I will have to join Facebook - which I have been resisting for some strange reason. You just go there and register like here?
  10. I think I may have added you victoria! I hope i got the right one!There were 43 matches when i did a search!:yes: It said LEEDS too so i thought maybe that would be you....i could be wrong though....oh dear me....

  11. It was me! I've added you :yahoo:
    I'm also in the tpf group on there ;)
  12. There's a tpf group? oh my.
  13. ok so how do I add you guys....not a big facebooker yet!

  14. People would need to either list on here, or PM their full name for you to find them :smile: