How about a burnt orange Sienna?

  1. That bag has been on there since spring. The price hasn't been reduced, but the description has been changed to 'great fall color'! I would have to see the color IRL to decide.
  2. I think that price is a tad high for the bag, considering it has some flaws and is definitely used. But then I think the bags there are pretty overpriced anyway.
  3. That color just is sooo "out there" to me. I guess it might look good in Fall but I don't think it is a very versatile color. I'd pay 275 tops for that on eBay....(if I wanted it).
  4. I have this bag in this colour. It looks really red in the photo, which is not a true example. The closest mine comes to is the brown embossed Sienna - though not as brown. The leather is really smooshy. If you're tired of brown, then it's a nice change. It does go with a lot of things. Mind you, I paid $357 from a year and a half ago. I wouldn't pay what they are asking for it on that website.
  5. Well that seems really pricey. More popular colored Siennas are going for less than that brand new.
  6. Does anyone actually know if this site is legit anyway? I thought that original LV's are only sold on eluxury, and yet that website shows new items. It just doesn't seem right to me, but I might be wrong. It just doesn't seem like a real Kooba color.
  7. You're right it doesn't. I just thought it was a bad photo. If this is the real colour, then it's definitely fake. How awful would it be to buy a fake at such an expensive price. That would be a double burn! :push: I'm interested in knowing if the site is legit too. I always thought it was on the up and up?
  8. I looked around and it seems I remember hearing about this site and some speculation on it. It's a consignment place so it's highly possible that fake bags get slipped through if whoever is examining them isn't up on authenticity issues.

    Guys, there's still a authentic Smooth Black Sienna on eBay still on the low side. The one with some corner wear. If you are looking for a Sienna, that would be a better bet than this one.
  9. Right...Anne's Fabulous Finds.....actually, there's been some goings on about this site on the Bbag forum...apparently she DOES sell good stuff...but frankly, this might have been a little glitch in the Kooba color line - such as (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE HERE): the jade and the sand colors. They were very fugly to me....and apparently sold horribly. I think maybe Kooba went a little askew on this orange.....
    And again, I don't THINK that she sells fakes...but it also has been shown that some nasty eBayers will mix and match their authentic goods with fakes....
  10. The orange Sienna has definitely never been on my list...
  11. You know what a Sienna freak I am and even I don't want this one.
  12. i owned this bag and some of the rivets came out so i returned it...i thought it was pretty "burnt orange/rust" in terms of a color...hope that helps...
  13. It's actually a very pretty color irl. The first time I ever saw a Kooba was a big display of them at Holt's. They had Lucy's, Marcelles, a ton of Siennas, but out of all the bags, the burnt orange one was what really stood out for me. It's also the first bag I ever owned that put me over my usual bag budget - actually into a totally different stratosphere. That's how much I liked this bag. You really have to see it first-hand to appreciate it. I'll post pics one day if I ever find my camera cord.