How about a Bay Area/Nor. Cal meeting?

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  1. I am meeting up with hmwe46 on May 20th in Palo Alto and wanted to invite all Bay Area tPFer's to join us for lunch and shopping. I know we tried to get together a few months ago but it didn't work out so it is about time we meet up!
    Since I haven't lived in the Bay Area for 10 years I would love to hear ideas about where we could have lunch.
    The LV members were organized enough to get together recently for lunch but I still hope many of them will join us.
    Anyone else interested? I can drive from San Francisco if someone needs a ride.
  2. oh i wish i could come! I'm living in Monterey county until June 8th. It is a little far for me (3 hours or so) And i always get lost there!
  3. It would be great if you could come. We can send you great directions!
  4. I literally just looked at the calendar and realized it is on a Sunday...and I work every Sunday...oh well maybe next time!
  5. Hey Gals,

    Ok so who is coming!?!


    I have met two gals in the last year and I would love to meet more of you!!
  6. There doesn't seem to be much interest so maybe we can try again at a later date. :shrugs:
  7. Phooey, I didn't see this posting until it was too late! I would have gone with you. Oh well, I'll catch it next time.
  8. I'll be moving up there beginning June! I'll totally be up for one! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  9. :yahoo: you can only go if you bring your cute dogs!!!! jk! but it would be so much fun for our doggies to play together!
  10. LOL! I will! Mousch says the next tpf meeting should be at doggie beach! :nuts:
  11. perfect!! there's a doggie beach (not really a beach but more like a nice park with a lake/water) in Richmond and a doggie park in Alameda!!

    Where in the bay area are you moving to?? east bay?
  12. I'm graduating soon :sad:. I hope we can work one out!
  13. I'm up for a meet! too bad I'm stuck in Taiwan until august. if anyone would like to meet in August, I'm up for it! i'll be back August 12th ish -- OOH, and I will have someone very special joining me -- my soon-to-be new puppy!
  14. Ugh...I just saw this post! Wish I could've gone for lunch and shopping with you gals.
    I sure hope we could work out a date for a get together!
  15. there's a good sushi restaurant in Berkeley called Kirala. Fleur de lys in SF is not bad either.
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