How A Photograph Saved Little Girl's Life

  1. From Sky News

    A young girl's life has been saved after her parents spotted an abnormality in a photograph of her.

    [​IMG] In remission: Sophie Ripley

    Tracey and David Ripley were admiring a picture taken at a wedding of their daughter Sophie when they noticed their daughter's eyes were different colours.
    The left eye appeared a lot darker than the right.

    That prompted them to take Sophie to a doctor where it emerged the youngster had a life-threatening tumour in her left eye and cancer cells in her right eye.

    "We noticed Sophie's right eye was blue, like her sister's, and the other black," mum Tracey told the Daily Mirror.
    "You get red eye in pictures but this was so strange I took her to the GP to have a look.
    "They put a light in her eye and I could tell by the doctor that something was wrong."

    Sophie had to have her left eye removed - but the cancer is in now remission thanks to chemotherapy.
    The couple, of Sheffield, are now campaigning to raise awareness of the need for a speedy diagnosis.
    Dad David said: "We were lucky it was picked up. We are glad to help others."
  2. oh wow!!!

    very observant parents. wonder why she didnt smile in the pic? was she in pain?
  3. Weddings are pretty stressful, probably the end of a tiring day!
  4. Wow, what an amazing story.
  5. wow that's amazing! So I take it she survived the cancer then?

  6. I believe that's what "in remission" means but I'm not totally sure. I hope she's fine anyway!
  7. Wow. Suuch a touching story but with a happy ending.
  8. I'm glad the parents got it checked out! I'm sure some parents would have just thought it was weird and left it at that. Glad shes okay!
  9. If my daughter had one black eye and one blue eye I don't think it would take a photograph for me to notice.
    I hope the little girl grows up with no more problems. She is a cutie.
  10. I kinda agree, its surprising they never noticed it before but then noticed it in a picture. However, Im glad they took the little girl to the doctor and that shes now in remission - hopefully all will be ok.
  11. poor thing! :sad:
  12. The way I read it, the eye was only black in the photo and not in real life. Not sure, though!

    Either way, they are so lucky they were able to find it and take care of it. What an incredible story.
  13. ^yeah, they could only see it because of the flash.
  14. Wow that is scary. But they were really lucky to find it in time.
  15. Poor little girl. Glad to hear she is better though.