How A Coach Hobby Helped My DH

  1. Like most tpfers, I appreciate a good handbag and carefully weigh how they're made, features, leather, etc. It's been mostly a girl thing until now.

    My DH was in desperate need of a new briefcase--the piping was peeling on the leatherlike exterior--it had been on more airplanes than he could count--so it was time to find him a new one.

    I knew enough about his style and what he needed to find him a great replacement. Keep in mind that this briefcase is the one thing he's really picky about--the design itself more than the quality/leather. It's a dark brown pebbled leather briefcase with this striking manly plaid lining. It's got room for all his stuff including a change of clothes, padded area for laptop, file folders, gadget accessories, etc.

    Turns out, he loves it. It was about the same amount as a Coach bag, but he could really see the difference in quality--especially when putting the old beaten up one by the new one.

    He had an 'aha' moment and conceded that it was worth more to spend money on a good well made bag.

    Of course, he reminded me that he only needs one....:graucho:
  2. aww how sweet of you :smile: now if you could only get him into coach, he would appreciate your love for it too!!!!!
  3. Yeah!!!! At least a "man" understands our point of view! Did you even check out the briefcases that they have in the Coach Outlets? Sometimes they are soooo dirt cheap that I want to buy one even though I have no use for it!
  4. HOORAY!!!!
    This is like my DH with getting a new wallet - Coach makes a style that is exactly like what he wants out of a leather wallet that he can't find anywhere else, but he doesn't want to spend 108 on it, so I will for Christmas! LOL
  5. My DH is also now obsessed with COACH. He is the proud owner of a wallet and 2 leather belts.
    Its so easy now to go into the store when he also want a peek :smile:
  6. The men's briefcases are really nice but DH had a very particular style and set of things he wanted...sounds like me!...and i found one that is made from the bomber leather that was used by WW II fighter pilots. Really beautiful craftsmanship. Seriously, if I were to design a briefcase for him, this would've been it!
  7. My DH was the one who got me into Coach in the first place. When I first met him 7 yrs ago, he'd requested a Coach wallet as an Xmas gift so I got it for him. You really can't beat the leather/construction quality Coach has on all their products. I, myself, never got into Coach until just a couple of years ago when he bought me my first Coach tote! :smile: Now I'm addicted!! LOL!
  8. That's cool! My dh needs a new wallet and I've been considering getting him a nice Coach one. He's very picky so I think he'd really like one! Great story!