How a Birkin is Made ~ NOT

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  2. can't see a pic...
  3. oy, got it now...sad that they even pride themselves on making those
  4. :shocked:
  5. Actually, I would like it that they fail all the time, and don't ever get it right. :boxing:

    My SA was just telling me the other day that Hermes will be making more toile cum leather totes as opposed to just 100% in toile, because the combo makes it more difficult to counterfeit.
  6. Good idea :tup:! Not only the toile-leather totes look better but it's about time Hermes invests some of our dough into something that would make their products next to impossible to fake.
  7. That Is Horrible....Thank You MrsS!!!!
  8. I love how they play classical music to class it up. I'm surprised the person stitching wasn't 12 and in some sweat shop.
  9. Hilarious. At it's not really claiming to be hermes.
  10. Creeeeeepy
  11. I'm trying out the new youtube function to see if I'm following vlad's instructions correctly ...

  12. Girl, I was trying to use that youtube function earlier. I wasn't sure what code I was to be putting in between the youtube thingy. All I know, seeing that bag live and in living color sent the pulses going... this is no good!!! :sweatdrop: It's sooooo purty!!!! I'm getting too obsessed now. Last night I dreamed I was buying an Hermes bag... Birkin or Kelly... :sleepy:
  13. Go track down one of vlad's post now. The instructions are in his siggy! Just copy and paste the video code after 'v=xyz' i.e. paste "xyz"

  14. Thank you for posting Mrssparkles. I am actually laughing at it. :lol: