1. I am considering purchasing a Houston and wondered what the drawbacks are of this bag. (I am thinking about the framboise.) Am I better off sticking with something in the suhali line?

    Many thanks!!
  2. I like vernis pieces. However if you aren't going to be careful with it, or you are going to be upset with yourself if you mess it up, I would go with the Suhali.
  3. It's a very pretty bag! Here's some of the drawbacks that I can see:

    1. Vernis can have color transfers and after many years there will be color migration and changing of colors after exposure to heat and the sun.

    2. It's an open top (the Brentwood has a zipper.)

    3. The color and material makes it more appropriate for the summer unless you have good weather year round.

    If you are choosing between vernis and suhali, I suggest that you get something in the suhali line. The goatskin is beautiful and it's more classic than the vernis. The vernis colors also change all the time whereas the suhali will stay consistent if you get black or white.

    If you do plan on purchasing both anyway, get the framboise first since it'll be harder to find later on.

    I hope this helps!!!
  4. I love the houston but you do have to be careful with the vernis (especially the lighter colors). I have the bronze though and it still looks like new! It does have the zip to BTW. Another bag that you may want to check out that has the same shape and is more durable is the monogram mat stockton....
  5. Thanks so much!!
  6. I agree with mac. Monogram mat pieces seem more durable and are quite gorgeous. I believe some monogram mat bags are still available.
  7. I have both a beige one and a framboise one and haven't had any problems with either in terms of color transfer or getting ruined or ANYthing. It opens pretty wide, which is also a plus.
    Once my bottled frappuccino spilled inside my beige one and all I did was take a damp paper towel and wiped it up..it was as good as new!
    For me, there really aren't any drawbacks to this bag :smile:
  8. It does have a zippered opening.
  9. oops! sorry!!! I keep thinking of the Reade!!! :shame:
  10. :wtf: .LOL that's why I love leather lining.:girlsigh: Framboise is TDF since it's a darker color I won't worry too much about color transfer.
  11. Its a very "A-symetrical" bag - so I find most women do not like that it is so wide towards the bottom, that and they say its hard to get into.

    I usually don't push The Vernis collection to customers who aren't familiar with that line. Most don't realize that the line really is more of a "fashion" piece - and not an everyday bag.

    The Houston bag is not a preference of mine - however I do like The Brentwood bag.
  12. Heh. I must not be "most" then because I carry my vernis bags to death.
  13. I wish the straps were a little bit longer!
  14. For me, the straps fit under my arm. In terms of color transfer, the framboise is a darker color, so will probably be more resistant. I love vernis, so I'm biased, but I find the Houston pretty practical for me.
  15. I've owned several Houstons and always sell them. They are quite "fat" at the bottom and always running into door frames and such. The handles will go over your shoulder if you are fairly thin, but the bag feels fat under your arm. And it's very heavy. ;)