Houston, we have a winner!

  1. I searched the LV Clubhouse threads and couldn't find a thread for a vernis Houston Club. So I figured I start one! :biggrin: I'm surprised there wasn't a club already since this bag has been around for almost 10 years or so (since '98 right?), and I've seen that many TPF'ers have them.

    Anyways, here's a pic of mine, all dressed up with the Sweet Flowers bandeau :love:


    so everyone, show your Houstons! I wanna see all the different colors. :yes: My fave color is the Pomme (of course :p), but all the others are pretty, esp. the amarante.
  2. Pretty!
    I have beige and framboise.
  3. ^ ooh they are gorgeous! especially the framboise... i :heart: that color too
  4. Thanks! The sparkle really shows in the picture of your Pomme one-I love it!
  5. Lavender Hoston:


    Perle Houston & Brentwood :smile:

  6. I SO want a Houston! It seems the perfect bag for me! Those who own these gorgeous babies, how much do they hold? Can you please post a pic of how much can fit in? TIA! :heart:
  7. Not sure whose this was but Blueberry posted this awhile ago in the reference thread:
  8. i'll try to post pics of what's in mine sometime soon. a Houston can hold quite alot. easily can fit a small umbrella and a 16oz waterbottle, along with an agenda PM, ludlow, cell phone, rond coin purse, Japanese pocket translator, 4-key-holder, Coach wristlet, and huge Chanel sunglasses case. :biggrin:
  9. ^Yup. I usually carry a PTI wallet, small makeup bag, pretty large LV sunglass case, 4 key holder, pens, cell, Purell and a hair clip (one of those HUGE ones for thick hair). It all fits really nicely.
  10. here are some pics, hope this helps. i also posted this in the reference thread.

    inside an empty Pomme Houston (i :heart: the leather interior)

    inside an empty Pomme Houston, with cell phone and matching Ludlow inside pockets (fits perfectly)

    pic of Houston full with all my stuff :smile:

    he contents of my Houston (clockwise from top:smile: small Coach wristlet, LV Hands coin purse, water bottle, Chanel sunglasses cases, Pomme Ludlow, Michael Kors card purse, Clinique plastic case w/ random stuff, Coach valet key ring, cell phone, cute frog umbrella, video ipod, Cerises agenda, indigo 4-key holder, pink case for purse hook, Japanese translator. Wow, that's a lot of stuff!

    and I should add that the Houston purse is quite "stiff" so when you put a lot of stuff in it, it doesn't bulge out. it looks the same when you carry it almost empty as chock-full, which I really like. :smile:
  11. My babies want to join this club ... Ms. Pearl and Ms. Lavender:love:
    twins1.jpg twins2.jpg
  12. OOoh, its lovely! It's next on my list, lol.
  13. wow, they're both gorgeous! i love the Perle!!
  14. LVbabydoll: I love your Framboise its beautiful!:love:
  15. Thanks! I know, I love the color, it's so shimmery! :heart: