Houston, We have a PROBLEM!

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  1. I recently was in Houston for my much needed shopping excursion and am now sad that it ended all too soon. I navigated my way mostly thru G4 and never got over to Saks and the G3.

    Tell me I didn't miss much since I was so stuck in one area. I'm going back soon to finish off what I was unable to conquer and wonder what are the must see shops?

    I was so overwhelmed and the time went so fast. Are there any good days to go that aren't quite so busy and hectic? Any advice on how to make the most of your shopping when in the Galleria is appreciated! Gd do I love that mall :heart::yes::heart:!

  2. I love the Houston Galleria!!! :heart: It is always fun to be there, It is just great shopping!!
    I wish I could go more often than I do but when I do get out there I have to plan for it to be an all day shopping event because there is so much to do and see and at the end of the day I don't want to leave!
  3. You should go on weekdays during working hours, Mon-Thurs between opening and 4 pm if possible. That's usually when I go and it's actually really quiet for the most part (except during the holidays) when it's packed everyday! The weekends and Fridays are always super packed.