Houston vs Brentwood?

  1. does anyone have a photo of the Houston and the Brentwood side by side please?

    Can anyone tell me the difference of the 2 bags?

    I was thinking of getting a tote in the new Vernis in the Amarante. I just bought a wallet yesterday in it and I am in love:heart: with the color.

    I think I need to retrun my Chanel jumbo flap and get one of these bags instead. What do you guys think?'
  2. Thank you!!! That is just what I needed!!! I'm going to get the Brentwood.
    I just love this color!!! :tender:I think it has to be one of the prettiest out there.
  3. Only difference to me is that the Houston has leather lining where the Brentwood has textile lining.
  4. I've heard stories of gals saying that the Houston is one uncomfortable bag and hard to get in/out of easily. So my vote would go to the Brentwood :smile:
  5. the brentwood fits really nicely against the side of your body since the base is not as wide. great choice!
  6. I thought it looked good against the body as well in the photos. Should Ibuy it now or can I wait a few more weeks? I don't want to be a victim of a price increase:crybaby: