Houston vs. Brentwood?

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  1. Okay, curiously, the Houston and Brentwood look kinda similar for the mono vernis. I know the corners are a bit different. Who prefers which on here?
  2. I personally prefer the Brentwood- the shape is nicer and the hardware is more substantial.
  3. I like the Brentwood for being taller with adjustable handles and the more contour ergonomic shape. The Houston is beautiful because it's dressier bag.
  4. Brentwood! Fits nicely under the shoulder, while the Houston is bulky under the shoulder.
  5. I prefer houston.
  6. I like both, I just think the brentwood is a little big for me, so I would go for houston
  7. I like the brentwood, yet I have a houston :biggrin:
  8. :yes: ....:push:
  9. Oh my, everyone is so diverse on this subject. Guess I'll just have to try them out. Only thing is the boutique I go to said they had no Brentwoods in pomme d'amour and only 1 Houston which I'm guessing will be gone by the time I get there. I'm definitely gonna get the cles though. It's so cute!
  10. I like the Brentwood more.
  11. Brentwood for the size and shape....but houston for lining. After a lot of debate, I ended up with the brentwood.
  12. I prefer the Brentwood!
  13. I have Houston, and consider to buy Brentwood in the future.
  14. ummm.... depends....lol I can't really decide so I'm going to say that for a going-out bag, I prefer the Houston, but if it's for a work/school bag or if you need to carry a lot, then the Brentwood....
Thread Status:
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