Houston, TX bound!

  1. Hi folks! I'm headed to Houston in a week and DH is treating me to the Artsy in DA. Question for you guys in Texas...Is there a SA that ya'll would recommend? I didn't have a good experience when I was in Atlanta, and since DH will be with me, I want to make sure it's what we've experienced before in other stores (i.e. polite, attentive, champagne, etc). Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
  2. The Houston store is currently under renovation bc they're about to make the thing 2 stories. So right now they got the girls section in the old Dior store by Saks (sad Dior closed) and the men's store in some forgotten corner way on the other side of the mall. It's tiny right now compared to what it was and I feel like its always super super crowded. I prefer the store at NM. All the SAs there are the best I think.
  3. Pamela at the LV boutique inside Neiman Marcus is my absolute fave! She has really gone the extra mile in helping me hunt down different strap options for my pochette. Like m8875 wrote, I too prefer the Neiman Marcus LV store. It has a much calmer, more laid back atmosphere. All of the SAs there are very friendly and welcoming.
  4. Ooo I'm glad this was asked. I have a list of things to purchase next time I go and I usually go to the NM store in Dallas. I know I will be in Houston before I will be able to make to Dallas so I might check out the NM in Houston.

    Do they usually keep a lot of stock? I will be purchasing the tivoli gm, carry all, and a keepall and possibly a wallet. I would like to get them all in one trip.
  5. I don't know about those specific items, but lately I have had really good luck with them having everything I've been looking for! I bought a Speedy B 30 in monogram there earlier this summer that was actually made in France! I normally don't care where my LV items are made, but it was just a special treat to find such a popular bag right now MIF!
  6. Thanks so much for the advice! Looks like I'll be spending a little time in NM!
  7. There's also a Saks Fifth Avenue I'm the Galleria,so you'll have 3 places in one mall to shop for LV !
    It's a great mall. Bring comfy shoes !
    I'm actually heading there tonight !
  8. I agree. All of the Sa's in Nieman Marcus are very friendly and welcoming. At the main location, ask for Elaina... She is super patient, helpful and friendly.
    As far as the refreshments.. They always offer at the main location.
  9. I'm so jealous! So many stores in such close proximity! When we lived in FL it was a 5 hour drive to the store, but now that we're in NC it's only 2.5 to get to Raleigh. But since we'll be on vacation in Houston I thought I should take advantage of all that the city offers! I'll be at the mall this week looking "in awe" at all the marvelous stores, although my main focus will be on just one LVoely store(s). I'll take your recommendations for SAs to heart. Thanks for the valuable info! Happy shopping!